It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chapter 4, Page 14, Book 15

Advice from a Tree
Stand tall and proud 

Be confident in who you are. There is beauty in each and every one of us and we must proudly show that to the world. Because a tree is rooted firmly in the ground it can reach out with its branches to get light, feel the rain, or let a bird land on a branch. Once we, too are grounded and able to stand firmly in who we are, we can reach out to accept the gifts this world has to offer. It is often easier to focus on the negativity in life, but think about all that has gone right and all that you've accomplished! Be proud and lift your heart up to the sky.

Author Unknown

April 14th - Love makes you twice as tall.

When you're in love, you stand a little taller and carry yourself with an air of confidence. Make no mistake about it; people in love feel good about themselves. 

 In life, we are all constantly at crossroads. Some of these crossroads are life changing, and others don’t seem to make a difference either way. These moments come to us sometimes many times a day. Which way to choose, what choice to make.  We need to stand for something.

If you don't make a stand for something you'll never make a stand for nothing

Just as a tree has the strength to weather decades, if not centuries and millennia, of storms, so must we find our strength to weather through everything that life presents us.  We can learn a great deal from nature’s wisdom at work if we are open to the lesson. Watch how a tree bends and sways gracefully when the wind blows against it. It does not stand rigid, resisting the flow of energy. It does not push back. The tree accepts the strong wind as a blessing that helps it grow.

Stand Tall. Be proud of who you are; be proud of what you’ve accomplished. And remember, there’s always room to grow.

Stand tall.  Stand together



Enjoyed reading Advice from a Tree. Had never heard this before. Also LOVED your quote, "We find our strength to weather through everything that life presents us. We can learn a great deal from nature’s wisdom at work if we are open to the lesson."

betty said...

I like comparing ourselves to a tree, especially when going through rough times. A tree if rigid would break in winds, we too must learn how to weather the storms of our lives like the tree would do.


jack69 said...

Good advice. I don't mind, I will take advice, as long as it is good, even from a tree. LOL
WE had rain here today. but not the sun is out.