It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, March 09, 2015

Chapter 3, Page 9, Book 15

I wonder if the sap is stirring yet,
If wintry birds are dreaming of a mate,
If frozen snowdrops feel as yet the sun
And crocus fires are kindling one by one:
Sing robin, sing:
I still am sore in doubt concerning Spring.

Christina Rossetti 

March 9th

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:  That word is love.


Sometimes there’s so much pain in the world that we have no choice but to turn away, close our eyes and hope things will get better. This is when we have to brush off our faith and change our focus to see that love still does exist. I believe no matter how dark the world gets, love will win. It will find a way to wipe away the ugliness.

Forgiveness is a funny thing.
It warms the heart
and cools the sting.

William Arthur Ward

I believe in love more than almost anything else I have experienced or heard of. To me, this quote by Sophacles sums up most of my belief. Without love, our lives and world would be a painful one. I believe that love frees us of all the weight and pain of life.

 I may not understand why things happen the way they do, but I trust that the love of God permeates it all. 

If you’re really feeling low, don’t despair. The sun has a sinking spell every night, but it comes up every morning.

 Dolly Parton 



I love your quote this morning, "I believe no matter how dark the world gets, love will win. It will find a way to wipe away the ugliness." I pray this is true.

betty said...

I like your thought about not understanding all that goes on, but trusting in God's love through it all. I think that is where faith comes in and hope that God truly does know what is best for us.


jack69 said...

Funny how a few words, said by the right person in love, cures a lot of ills.
Loved Ward's words about removing the sting!
WE have a beautiful day today.
Hope you are starting to 'SPRING UP', up there!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I prepared a prayer service for our staff for this week that focuses on what appears to be fragmentation and unraveling of life in our society today. Sometimes--in light of headlines and news reports, that's what seems to be happening it the world. I agree that faith and love are what is going to bring it altogether. I thank God for God!