It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, March 27, 2015

Chapter 3, Page 27, Book 15

Your heart knows

Listen to your heart when it asks you to act with kindness. Your heart knows what truly fulfills you.

Listen to your heart when it suggests that you be patient. Your heart knows how real and lasting value is created.

Listen to your heart when it calls you to live this moment with joy. Your heart knows what makes you the most effective.

Listen to your heart when it urges you to see profound beauty in the most ordinary things. Your heart knows where your real strength comes from.

Listen to your heart when it reminds you to feel hopeful. Your heart knows about possibilities that your mind has not yet considered.

Whether you’re up or you’re down, whether you’re confident or unsure, listen to your heart. For your heart knows why you’re here.
Ralph Marston

March 27th - My heart knows what I need to do. 

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.

 Blaise Pascal

I have always chased my heart’s desires and followed the calling of my soul, first and foremost. Your heart knows the answers because your heart holds on to the truth of who you are. 

Without following your heart, you may do things the right way only to find later that you’ve chosen the wrong things to do in the first place. Many people trust their mind more than their heart. But somehow your heart knows what is right, while your mind often just rationalizes things to meet your or other people’s expectations. 

Only the heart knows how to find what is precious 

The Heart can see further than the eyes. It can see the truth behind appearances. It knows what you should do in each and every situation you find yourself in.  There is no reason not to follow your heart! Only fear keeps us from doing that.  

Your heart is more than your body's most important organ, it's also the essence of your spiritual and emotional being.  While the mind is the content of who you are, your heart is your essence, your very being.

When the Heart Speaks…Listen


betty said...

That is so true that our heart knows and we need to listen to it, sometimes over the objections of our mind. I did like that poem Your Heart Knows


jack69 said...


Go with the heart!


Listening to your Heart is a powerful message. Love the poem.

Rose said...

How did you add the "I'm not a robot" from reCaptcha on your comment section.

I see it on everyone site yet I don't know how to put it on my blog.

Please help if you have the answers.

Hugs, Rose