It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, March 13, 2015

Chapter 3, Page 13, Book 15

God's Bouquet

You must bloom where you are planted
In the garden we call life,
And bring some special beauty to
Each corner where there's strife.

Perhaps you're but a dandelion,
Wishing you were a rose,
Yet in this place of growing things,
You're the one God chose.

It's up to you to finish what
The Good Lord has begun,
By growing just the way you should
And face each days new rising sun.

There's room for you, if you choose,
To be in a glorious array,
Of beauty from God's garden,
that He'll add to His bouquet.

Author Unknown 

March 13th - Bloom where you are planted

Like a flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, sometimes we have to make the best of our situations and bloom where we have been planted.

Many of us have a tendency to hold back from fully loving ourselves, as we are, where we are. We have a habit of presenting life with a set of conditions of ifs and whens that must be fulfilled before we can do certain things.   But this notion that we have to hold back now in order to find happiness later doesn’t really make sense.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. 

Max Mueller

There are no guarantees in this life, so when we hold back we do so at the risk of never fully blossoming. This would be like a flower planted in Ohio putting off blooming because it would prefer to do so in Florida.

I’ve learned this lesson well.  You really do have to accept who you are and where you are, the lot your given, if you are to live, laugh and grow.   A fine line divides the motives of the heart between selfish and selfless; and we must always make sure we understand which side of the line we are standing on.

We all should be more like dandelions.  Our sunny yellow faces should be a reminder that simple faith has deep roots that are impossible to dislodge.  Our vast number would show the world that even though we are not fancy or pampered we are evident everywhere, even in the best neighborhoods. 

Author Unknown


betty said...

I liked that God's Bouquet poem. It is so true we must bloom where we are planted. God does put us where he wants us and then he wants us to do what he has planned for us to do while there.



I really appreciate the quote, "Like a flower that grows through a crack in the concrete, sometimes we have to make the best of our situations and bloom where we have been planted." For many years we have lived in this town that is totally unlike who we are. I in particular have had to adjust. Your quote sums up what I should have known all along.