It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chapter 2, Page 14, Book 15

Be Mine Valentine !

February 14 - The Meaning of True Love

It is sharing and caring,
Giving and forgiving,
Loving and being loved,
Walking hand in hand,

Talking heart to heart,
Seeing through each other's eyes,
Laughing together,
Weeping together,

Praying together,
And always trusting
And believing
And thanking God
For each other...

For love that is shared
is a beautiful thing--
It enriches the soul
and makes the heart sing!

Helen Steiner Rice 

It’s Valentines Day and today we celebrate LOVE.  A celebration that is filled with hearts and flowers and loving thoughts and sweet nothings wrapped in happiness, laughter, and love!

My prayer for you on this special day is that LOVE presents itself to you at every turn.

Indeed, that every second of your life is filled with LOVE

Happy Valentines Day!




Happy Valentine's Day to you. Have a wonderful day. Do something special for yourself.

betty said...

Again another great poem from Helen Steiner Rice!! Love is all around today, I just hope everyone remembers to love each just the same tomorrow :)


peggy said...

I hope you have had a happy valentine's day. I am staying in because of the wind chill and blowing snow. Sweet pictures and poem.

jack69 said...

Helen S Rice knows how to say the right things. I wish I could put together the encouragement that lady has. She has given many of us the gift of, "STOP and Think"

Love from Central Florida where they way we will hage great weatehr TOMORROW!
We were on the ATlantic coast, it was windy and cool today, even in South Florida...