It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chapter 11, Page 26, Book 14

Thanksgiving should be more of an attitude than an observance;
More a way of life than a day apart;
More a habit than a holiday;
More of a spirit of gratitude than a time of feasting

William Arthur Ward

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow but the Thanksgiving celebrating is done and over for me.  We did our family feast last Saturday.  We all had a great time and most of the time only get together like this on the occasion of holidays throughout the year.

Makes me wonder how great every day could be if we had Thanksgiving Day every day!  

When I was a young mom, many years ago, I really never thought about what it would be like when all my children were grown up and gone.  I did know it was my job as a parent to make sure they grew up to be responsible people but I really never thought about what it would be like at my house when they were all gone.

Go they did and some are further away than others, and each has their own home, family, and ways of life that no longer include me.  

What would it be like if we all still lived together? Spouses and grandchildren included.  What if we had Thanksgiving Day every day?

I for one would be happy to find out!

Today I’m thankful for:

2255. for cakes of all kinds, they remind me of celebrations
2256. for fruit, oranges loaded with wonderful vitamin C are a must this time of year
2257. for nuts, pecans are my favorite and I think I’ll put some on my fruit cake too.


jack69 said...

What a world we would have if we had Thanksgiving every day!! WOW!
Cool here and a little rain.
Love from the World of Disney, well close anyway to hear the fireworks every night!(smile)!

betty said...

That would be interesting if your family and their families lived with you, Ma! It would truly be an exciting adventure and each day thankful indeed!



I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your family. It would be nice to be together all the time.

Carol Z said...

Pecans are my favorite, too. We do brussel sprouts with pecans for Thanksgiving and they are delicious. We have turkey, too, but I do like the sides better. Happy Thanksgiving wishes from New York City.