It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chapter 5, Page 27, Book 14

Every house where love abides 
And friendship is a guest, 
Is surely home, and home, sweet home 
For there the heart can rest. 

Henry van Dyke

Day 38 of 50: Spruce up your outdoor space and make it a little more hospitable. 

Ever since the winter that wouldn’t quit finally did take its leave and the days warmed up a bit outside I have been out there trying to clear the flower beds of leaves leftover from fall and now the weeding season is beginning so there is that to deal with too.  The grass is growing and with all the rain we’ve had it’s very green outside.  There is always some sort of outside work to do it seems.  

One big project for the summer is going to be painting the porch floor and the underpinnings around it.  I’m not looking forward to that one, but I love my porch and you got to keep up the maintenance on it if you want to keep it from falling apart.  

I move slowly these days and work a little and rest a lot but slowly but surely things do get done.  I’ve never minded a little work and believe it’s actuarially good for you.  The feeling of accomplishment for me is a reward for a job well done.  

The picture today shows the porch and you see that I’ve replaced the swing with a table and chairs and a glider.  They are from the days when I was camping and they were on the camper deck, but we quit camping year before last.  Last year I tried to use them on the back patio but that didn’t work.  It’s a small space so this year we’ll see how they work on the porch.  

Guests are always welcome to come sit on the porch.  It’s usually shady with a nice breeze blowing there in the summertime.  

Today I’m thankful for:

1706. for a new granddaughter coming our way in August, my 21st grandchild!
1707.  for rain, that refreshes
1708.  for a chance to do some work inside

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it. 

Author Unknown



Porches are wonderful places to congregate.

linda m said...

I love your front porch. Sure wish I had one.

jack69 said...

'There is something about a fence' is a poem from my youth. But as I grew older I have thought for friendship and comfort NOTHING compares to a porch in the spring, summer and fall.
One of the BEST places to VISIT or just contemplate.

Love the whole entry.

betty said...

Your porch does look inviting, Ma! I bet with all the precipitation your part of the country got that everything indeed is very green! So true about work too being good for us; keeps muscles moving :)


Jean said...

I like a porch to sit on, but we don't have one big enough so we use part of our double wide carport. I've been busy doing some painting around here I want to paint the carport floor if when the weather will permit. I like you, have to take rest breaks often, ha. Take care, Jean.

Chatty Crone said...

Your porch looks inviting - wish I could sit out there and talk to you someday.