It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chapter 5, Page 18, Book 14

Gratitude is the heart's memory.


Day 26 of 50.  Let every one of your prayers today begin and end with 'Thank you’

Better by far that you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.

Christina Rossetti

I believe that anything good that we have has come from God. We didn’t get it by luck, ingenuity, hard work, wit, or wisdom on our own so it is proper to thank God for it.

 Every day God has brand new blessings for us , and every day ought to find us thanking God. Every prayer that we pray ought to be salted with thanks. In everything give thanks. Not in some things, but in all things. Every thing, every area of life is to be a the subject of thanksgiving. There’s so much to be thankful for.  We should be thankful the simple things in life, for our families, health, food, and even a glass of water.

We should also be thankful for the sorrowful things, for the heartaches, the pains, and the sufferings. Remembering that All things work together for good… That is, the thing itself is not good, but it is God Who is working all things together for good.

When we cultivate the attitude of gratitude always and in all things. no matter how bad, difficult, dark, or mysterious things get, we take the ultimate step of faith and say, God, You’re greater than this, and I thank You.  We don’t thank Him by feeling, we thank Him by our faith. We're not told to feel thankful but to be thankful. Nothing shows our faith in the absolute sovereignty of God more than just simply thanking God in every situation.

We all do have something to be thankful for. Every day may not be a good one, but there is something good in every day.  We have life and the attitude of gratitude will change our life for the better. There is no doubt about it living with gratitude has made me a happier person.  

Today I’m thankful for:

1679. for marriage, a wedding of two souls
1680. for anniversaries celebrating another year of bliss  (two of my sons and their wives celebrated anniversaries this week)
1681. for sweet memories of happy times together and another day to make new ones

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. 

Brian Tracy


Hollie said...

Amen!! There are so many things to be thankful for indeed!! I love this entry!! I hope you don't mind me sharing!!

Rose said...

I love this Post.

I try to remember to thank God for everytime I pray to him for help and good health for my children and myself.

Barb Pinion said...

Hi Ma. Your posts are always so uplifting and encouraging. I especially love this one, I think because I've learned just how much keeping a gratitude journal improves the quality of my life.
Romans 8:28 is the Bible verse that keeps me centered.
Take care dear heart. Have a blessed day.

Stephanie Faris said...

Rainy days make the sunny ones all that much more special. I believe that's why we endure rough times. I think too many people rely on their faith only during the bad times, but it's important to have God in your life every day, as you do!

betty said...

I like the thanking God as we pray for the things we are praying for; I do that at times, should probably do it more. When I receive answer to prayer, I always do remember to say thank you to God for it :)

Hope its a restful Sunday for you Ma!



I love that Christina Rossetti quote. Perfectly wonderful advice.

Chatty Crone said...

I have to say I love that first one - I seem to come and ask for a lot from Him at times.

jack69 said...

Somehow I missed the 'uplift' by MA on this one, I don't like it when I am that busy.

There is always a silver lining from MA!