It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chapter 5, Page 15, Book 14

The blue iris symbolizes faith and hope and wisdom

You are witnesses of these things

Luke 24:48

Day 23 of 50: Think about what it means to be a witnesses

Francis of Assisi once said to do this we should preach the Gospel and whenever necessary use words.  Living a life style where others see what it means to be an Easter Person is much more valuable than we know.  To be a witness is to keep walking when you don’t feel like it, even when others criticize you for it.  Very often it’s taking just one more step.

A witness is one who declares what he knows to be the truth. And what that witness sees is considered evidence.  I can tell you about the power of prayer and about how miracles happen every day, because I have seen them.  I’m a witness.    Maybe we could all be called witnesses at one time or another.

Little miracles happen all the time. Those magical words 'It's a miracle' can be exclaimed at anything from a friend showing up on time, to a loved one getting the all clear from an illness; from an out of the ordinary happy event, to something which cannot be explained by logic or science.

We often pray for miracles. Sometimes we pray for a specific thing such as  for a sick person to get better,  Other times we try to surrender our needs and worries to the will of God.  Remember every time we pray the Our Father we say 'Thy will be done'.

One thing I know maybe two is that I could never deny my beliefs and I will always try to be a good witness.  My thankful list includes many simple every day things that are a witness to my simple life.  Today I’m making chocolate chip banana bread…mmm good.

Today I’m thankful for:

1670. for chocolate chips and the many things you can do with them
1671. for bananas, I have one every day and right now there are 3 very ripe ones sitting on the counter
1672. for a cooler day to turn the oven on.  I don’t use it much at all when the hot weather sets in

Only happy people can learn. Only happy people can teach. Our religion should put a sparkle in our eyes and a tone in our voice, and a spring in our step that bears witness of our faith and confidence in the goodness of God. 

Author Unknown


jack69 said...

Ain't it the truth, how we live says much than our words...
It is always good to be Thankful, if we do it often enough, it becomes our nature.
Love from Rainy NC

betty said...

That chocolate chip banana bread sounds delicious, Ma! I so agree with what Francis of Assisi said about preaching the gospel more with action than words. I think that's when it really makes a difference. We can "talk the talk" but if we "do the walk" more people notice. I do agree, all prayers must end with God's will to be done over our will indeed.



I believe in the power of prayer and everyday miracles.