It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chapter 4, Page 30, Book 14

You can spread it with a hug.
You can catch it from a smile.
And you can celebrate it with a flower.
It's a miracle we call Hope.

Daffodil Days, California

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things I think God created and sometimes I think He created them just for me. They give me this happy feeling. When I see how simple but yet how fantastic flowers are, I can't help thinking that God is still in control and all is right with the world. There are several different varieties of daffodils around my house and today I'm sharing some folk lore and legends with you all about daffodils.  

Day 10 of 50:   Keep fresh flowers around.  Easter plants, such as tulips and Easter lilies. They're plants that hide themselves underground during the winter, and pop out around Eastertide. It's a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

Plant lore tells us that daffodils bring good fortune to the person who avoids trampling on them, so watch where you step!

The daffodil is a symbol of rebirth, a sign of the new beginnings that come with spring. Daffodils are often found connected with Easter and Easter religious services because of their new birth significance.

Never give a single daffodil, as bringing a single daffodil into the house will bring misfortune.  

Always give a bunch to ensure happiness. 

In Wales finding the first daffodil of spring is expected to bring more gold than silver to your life and home during the following 12 months.  

There is a legend that the daffodil first appeared on the night of The Last Supper in the Garden of Gethsemane to comfort Jesus in his hour of sorrow.

Today I’m thankful for:

1625. for Mr. Blue Eyes,this grandson has a birthday is today
1626. for Spring rains that make things grow and grow
1627. for all the special occasions life gives us to celebrate

A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up,
whether or not the sun be shining outside. 

 A.A. Milne



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your grandson. Enjoyed hearing about daffodils. Had never heard these stories.

linda m said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson. Thank you for sharing the story about daffodils. God also made birds (as well as flowers) to make me happy. Blessings

betty said...

I learned something new today with the daffodils. I'll be careful not to step on them indeed!

Good idea too to keep fresh flowers around; I don't, but might make it a habit to do so!