It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Chapter 4, Page 3, Book 14

Beauty is all about us, but how many are blind! They look at the wonder of this earth and seem to see nothing. People move hectically but give little thought to where they are going. They seek if they were lost and desperate.

Pablo Casals

Today’s Fogus

Give up gloom----enjoy the beauty that is all around you.

 If you stop and look around you’ll see God in all the beauty in this world .

No matter how ugly things are, there is still beauty all around, if we are willing to seek it. Listen for birdsong, or the wind in the trees.  Look for color, light and shadow, or an artist’s creation.  Feel the pattern of bark on a tree, the velvet of a flower petal, the smoothness of a stone.  Everyday I find something sparkling, something inspiring, and something magical.

Use all your senses to experience the wonders to be found and then store them all away in your heart and mind.  No one can steal them.  They are yours to call upon as needed.

 Thankfully I do have an incredible lifetime of beautiful memories I’m able to call up whenever I like.  Memories of laughter, sunsets, natural beauty, funny or touching movies, music, family…the list is endless! And the good news is that there are always going to be more and more to add.  Each day is such a wondrous gift.

Some of the world’s most miserable people have the most impressive bank balances. Despite their monetary net worth, they lack the riches of love and the gifts of joy that others gain from simple pleasures.

Never under estimate the value of all that you have.

The pictures today were of a beautiful sunrise at one of my son's house earlier this week where I was visiting for a few days.

Looking for and enjoying beauty is a way to nourish the soul. the universe is in the habit of making beauty. There are flowers and songs, snowflakes and smiles, acts of great courage, laughter between friends, a job well done, the smell of fresh-baked bread. Beauty is everywhere. 

Matthew Fox


Carol Z said...

Great picture. I've been out taking a lot of pictures for the blog and it's been great seeing beauty in all different settings.

linda m said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. I love early mornings. Sometimes when I go out to get the morning paper I'll just stand there and listen to the sounds and gaze at the stars. Great post. Blessings

betty said...

That is a beautiful sunrise, Ma! So glad you got to see it and capture it for us. So true too about so much beauty around us and to think more about that than the gloom. Enjoy your Thursday!


jack69 said...

Love the sky light shot.
We enjoy and prefer the natural beauty as we travel. Man made structures and sights are nice, Museums are good. But nothing beats God's repainting or sunsets and sun rises and his beautiful fields, deserts, mountains, water falls and oceans.

Thanks for the reminder.... Love it.


What a glorious sunrise. Beautiful, indeed.