It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chapter 3, Page 10, Book 14

Courage to Care 

 Earl Nightingale

    It does take courage to care, to open your heart and react with sympathy or compassion or indignation or enthusiasm when it is easier – and sometimes safer – not to get involved. But people who take the risk, who deliberately discard the armor of indifference, make a tremendous discovery: The more things you care about, and the more intensely you care, the more alive you become

Monday, March 10th - Today’s Focus

Give up harsh judgments----think kindly thoughts.

Weekly snow report

This is the 2nd. part of my my thoughts on judgements .  I’ve found that when we abstain from something,give it up, we strengthen our our spirits.  So giving up on harsh judgements can make us think more kindly.  

Lent is the perfect time to reflect upon those things that make our life worth living and the kindnesses given by ourselves and others is one thing that makes such a difference in our lives.  As we give up things this Lent, we are to keep our eyes focused on the transformation that happens in our heart.

May this Lent be an experience of a new springtime, a time of renewal. May we grow in our love, enjoy the gifts we have, nurture the Spirit within, and accept the transformation that will be ours.

The heaviest thing to carry is a grudge


linda m said...

I have found that the only person being affected by carrying a grudge is myself. Judging others only hurts you, not the person you are judging. I love your topics for Lent. Blessings

Joyful Days said...

Many times the easiest way for me to give up a grudge is to pray for the person. Lent is a good time for that. Thanks!!

betty said...

So true, Ma, that the hardest thing to carry is a grudge. It certainly can weigh a person down! Looks like some of that snow is melting!


jack69 said...

Great post as usual . Love Earl N. He does leave some memorable words.

You end with a truth about the weight of a grudge.

Love from Florida, the snow report is looking a 'little' better. (smile)
I do think now that Spring is actually springing....