It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chapter 2, Page 26, Book 14

All Things Pass
by Helen Steiner Rice

Let all your thoughts be happy, dear,
To chase away all thoughts of fear.
Think of lovely things you’ve see
Like rolling slopes of velvet green,
Fluffy clouds of azure blue
Sparkling drops of crystal dew,
Robin redbreasts on the wing
Telling us again it’s spring
Golden beds of daffodils,
Violets  blooming on a hill…
Don’t cloud your mind with anxious fear,
Just fill your heart with sunny cheer
And waiting days will soon be over
And you’ll again be back in clover
For all things pass…and this will, too,
And with God’s help you'll come SMILING through.

I can never say enough good about the poems of Helen Steiner Rice.  She seems to write from the heart.

After yesterday’s rather discouraging post, I thought I’d better redeem myself with something inspirational today.  I even spent a little time in selecting some of my favorite pictures of flowers blooming around my house last year.   The scenery outside seems to be quite unchanging right now and I need some color in my life.  It looks like we added another couple of inches of snow again last night.


linda m said...

Helen Steiner Rice is one of my favorite poets. I read her poems every day. She seems to always say things that I am feeling but can't express. Thank you for sharing one of her poems today. Blessings

jack69 said...

We certainly agree with you on Helen S. Rice. She knows how to lift the soul and spirit.
methinks MA has a touch of Ms Rice. always a good visit to your house.
Maybe, just maybe, that is the last snow of the Winter. I know you are anxious to see the flowers again!!

betty said...

I do like her poems too, I like the line here "don't cloud your mind with anxious fear, just fill your heart with sunny cheer." Good words to live by today! Such pretty colors you posted here; soon you'll be seeing them in your back yard again!



The snow has no end in sight. Thinking spring is all we can do. Love the poem. Cheerful, indeed.