It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, December 06, 2013

Chapter 12, Page 6, Book 13

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, lend your ear this way,
Don't you tell a single soul, what I'm going to say
Christmas Eve is coming soon, now you dear old man
Whisper what you'll bring me, tell me if you can.

When the clock is striking twelve, when I'm fast asleep
Down the chimney broad and black, with your pack you'll creep
All the stockings you will find, hanging in a row
Mine will be the shortest one, you'll be sure to know

Johnny wants a pair of skates, Suzy wants a sled,
Nellie wants a story book, yellow blue and read,
Now I think I leave to you, what to give the rest,
Choose for me dear Santa Claus, you know what's best !

American Traditional

December 6th is St. Nicholas Day and that’s today!  This song does fit the date and I think it fits in with my preparation for Christmas too.

We all know that Santa keeps a naughty or nice list and so part of my preparations is making sure I am nice even though I may get tired and cranky.  Most people seem to grumble most either when they are tired or when they are hungry.  So take time during this season of Advent to get plenty of rest and eat well balanced meals too.  Too often we take the easy way out when we’re rushed and grab some fast food to eat.  It’s ok to do that once in awhile but not every day.

So keep on the nice list and maybe soon St. Nicholas will come your way…

Some Special Gifts

Source Unknown

Here are a few suggestions for special gifts:

a firm handshake to a shaky soul,
a kind word to a lonely person,
a warm smile to the disheartened,
a sincere concern for someone troubled,
a feeling of compassion for the neglected,
a comforting thought for the bereaved,
a respect for the dignity of others,
a defense of the rights of individuals,
a word of witness to help a seeking soul,
a Merry Christmas to all.


jack69 said...

Love this entry from a time when it was the giver and not always the gift.
Like the list of gifts, we should all practice those more, that is for sure.

Merry Christmas from Mickey Mouse's eastern USA home town, Orlando, FL

Chatty Crone said...

I love your Santa there. I just love Santa's. So your family is a big one? Mine is VERY small. For some reason it is hard for me to breathe pine in. ANd you are so sweet to send cards! sandie

Jean said...

I love your Christmas decoration. I've been putting out a few things and have my tree up and decorated. We have quite a few people over the holidays and don't have to much room since we have to use air beds for some to sleep on. Take care. Jean


the Santa is sweet. LOVE it and your sentiments for today.

betty said...

I liked the snowmen, especially the snowman tea cup and saucer. Great reminders for us, Ma, to eat healthy and get our rest during this month of preparation. I haven't thought of that song you featured here in a long time, I remember singing it growing up.


Buttercup said...

I think all of my blog friends are on the nice list. Love snowman and enjoy seeing pictures of them. Keep warm and cozy!

Hollie said...

Oh how I love the snowmen!! Especially the cup and saucer! So cute!!