It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Chapter 8, Page 4, Book 12

If my ship sails from sight, it doesn't mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.  

John Enoch Powell

Specially blended to put a new light on things…

Won't you come into the garden?  I would like my roses to see you.  

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

One thing I've learned is that when I'm having a bad day, it's best for me to stop what I'm trying to do, and failing miserably at, and just walk away.  I move on to something else and then later go back to what it was I was failing at and somehow the second time around things get much better.

The next time you feel locked in an argument with someone, or you feel overwhelmed by a stressful situation and feel insistent that you must fix it at that moment just walk away. It’s not an easy thing in many cases.

But walk away. For 10 minutes. For an hour. For a lifetime, if necessary.

The Walk Away Technique is a proven way to break the internal struggle that can often keep us enmeshed and stuck.

A penny will hide the biggest star in the Universe if you hold it close enough to your eye.  

Samuel Grafton

Just by walking away, I think we gain a new perspective on things.  A new perspective can bring new answers.  If you've lost your motivation due to frustration with a particular problem, walking away and doing something else can work wonders. If the problem needs a creative solution, try doing something mindless, such as light gardening tasks, exercise, or housework. While you weed, walk or vacuum, your mind will still busily work away on the problem.

We all have very real problems and situations to deal with; some are in our control while others are not. The only thing that we really have control of is our emotions when dealing with situations. Gaining perspective is a wonderful tool for sustaining a meaningful and fulfilling life!

Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive. 

Donald Trump 


Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Great thoughts as always :)

Rose said...

We all need to walk away from a certain situation sometimes and rethink with a clearer head before going back.

Great post.

jack69 said...

Wow again hitting the nail on the head. Great advice, 'Just Walk Away!.

Chatty Crone said...

There is a poem about death similar. You leave this shore and go to another - out of site - but still there. sand ie