It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chapter 8, Page 14, Book 13

The home of President Rutherford B. Hayes is pictured above

Instead of taking the Ohio Turnpike to return home, we decided to take Route 20 home and it was there in Fremont Ohio, we discovered the home and library/museum of Ohio's 19th president, Rutherford B. Hayes.  It was a delight to walk around the grounds there.  Just about any tree you can imagine has been planted on the estate and it is said that he named the trees for the friends who visited there.  There were little signs with different names on them all around.  

Further on across Route 20 we spied this cute little frozen custard stand along the way.  For those that don't know,  Frozen custard is a cold dessert similar to ice cream, but made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar.  Many people call it soft ice cream.  It is delicious, but melts very fast.  If you've ever had a ice cream cone of this stuff, you learn to lick pretty fast on a hot summer day.  It usually comes in only chocolate or vanilla, but I have seen strawberry too.  The picture below is of one of my little grandsons who obviously enjoyed some of the chocolate variety recently. 

For those that don't know, I do live in the northern part of Ohio.  Centrally located a little west of Cleveland, Ohio.  

The trip I just completed started in southern Ohio at the Ohio River town of East Liverpool and we traveled west by the Ohio Lincoln Highway which is state Route 30 in many cases and the Old Lincoln Highway in others.  

This is the end of this part of my travel log for now and regular blog posts will continue tomorrow.  But there will be more trips coming.  We'll be having more lovely weather between now and when the snow flies so I hope to make the most of them


Seeing some beautiful sights in and near Ohio is just one of the ways I'll be doing that.


jack69 said...

We have never visited the Hayes house. I hope one day we can. It is interesting to visit those homes to learn more of our history. This has been an enjoyable trip for sure.

I love frozen custard, I like it when they twist the two flavors together.

Love the pictures, especially one of the happy GS.

I always enjoy the OHIO paintings on the barns... And try to catch them where possible.
YOu done well!!!


My next post was going to be about a little custard stand we came across. lol it is delicious that's for sure.

linda m said...

We don't have too many old fashioned custard stands left around here. The ones that remain do a booming business. Blessings

Rose said...

Frozen custard sounds yummy.

Love all your photos.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh you could almost eat that cutie pie up!