It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Chapter 6, Page 9, Book 13

This is a very old picture taken of my grandparents house

Specially blended for nostalgic memories…  Part 1

I've often mentioned that I visited my grandparents on the farm when I was a child growing up.  I have some good memories of the times I spent on their porch so I thought I'd write them down while the memory was clear.  

They had a front porch as wide as the house was.  It stretched from one end to the other.  There was a porch swing on each end of the porch, but one didn't swing as well as the other so for the most part we used the swing by the front door.  They had two doors on the front porch.  One opened into the front room and the other opened into my grandparents bedroom.  The one by the front room was used the most.

In those days children were to be seen, not heard, or hardly seen and never heard.  We were often sent to the porch to play when the adults were either busy doing their work or when they had company and they all set around the table hashing over what ever had happened since the last visit.

The farm sat in a valley and was surround by hills on all sides.  I can remember how it would echo, when you would shout anything from the front porch.  Those were fun times when the shouting would continue for hours and we'd giggle when we heard our echo.

There were also rocking chairs and straight back chairs line up in a row there on the porch. My grandfather favored the rocking chair.  I can still picture him sitting out there on a hot summers day.

The straight back chairs had woven bottoms and short legs.  More often than not my grandmother would sit in one of these while she'd string green beans and snap them in a pan to get them ready for dinner.  Her apron would be spread across her lap and would hold the beans on one side and any strings or bad spots on the other.  When the beans were done, the strings and pieces would be carried to the slop bucket to feed the pigs.  Not much ever went to waste on the farm.  

When Sunday morning came we'd get all clean and shiny and put our Sunday go to meeting clothes on.  Yep, I had a dress that was worn only on Sundays and it was the only one saved specifically for this purpose hanging in my closet.  I had play clothes, school clothes and Sunday clothes.  Until I out grew it and it got passed on down to my sisters, I only had one Sunday dress and wore it faithfully every Sunday.  Anyway after we were dressed and ready we'd sit on the porch till it was time to leave.  We were told to sit quietly on the porch and not get dirty.  Heaven forbid you should go to church dirty.

Sunday afternoons were often spent on the porch too.  You could wave at friends and neighbors that went by and some of them even stopped to sit awhile.  Visits on the front porch were extra special.  

When it rained you had a place to play outside.  You could spend hours on the porch and never get wet.   I loved watching the rain coming down off the porch roof and where it landed on the ground you'd see puddles forming.  After the puddles dried up you'd see the gully where the rain had washed away the dirt and there I'd find smooth pebbles washed clean and smooth by the rain.

We played games like Mother May I and had races on the front porch.  Since it was so long, well to a young child anyway, racing from one porch swing to the other was lots of fun.

We didn't spend much time inside when I'd visit the farm.  There was always plenty to see and do.  We could spend hours playing on the swinging bridges or fishing in the creek.  But my favorite place there was the front porch.


Carol Z said...

What sweet memories! Wishes for a super Sunday.

Chatty Crone said...

You know you brought a lot of memories back for me too. My grandma did not live on a farm - but she had the porch and swings. It was so nice to visit her. Thanks for the memories.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Sandie

JeanJournal said...

Ah ma...What a delightful read today. We had a swing on my childhood house porch. I remember swinging & singing & as a teenager sitting in the swing with a boyfriend. ((( the sweetest memories when we get over 60 is those of being a child & as a teenager. )))) ~ Jean(Rome Ga. girl living in Calhoun)

Scrappy quilter said...

Thanks for the memories. I loved visiting my great grannies was so filled with love, candies in her aprons and lots of hugs and good food. She lived on an old homestead and to this day I can still remember it. Hugs

Hollie said...

Oh I so enjoyed reading this entry! Brought back lots of memories for me as child too as we did the same things on the front porch!! I grew up on my parent's and grandparent's front porches!! I guess that's why I enjoy my porches so much today!!!


What wonderful memories. I especially like the image of your grandma snapping beans in her apron.

jack69 said...

Oh you do paint a picture of youth and the porch. LOVE IT! I agree with TT such a description of the stringing beans. I have watched that so many times also.
This one is a real keeper.

linda m said...

Those memories are very much like mine. Thank you for reminding me. Blessings