It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, June 14, 2013

Chapter 6, Page 14, Book 13

Joy in looking and
comprehending is nature's
most beautiful gift.

Albert Einstein

Specially Blended for planting…

Plants don’t just grow by themselves. Plants need good soil, sunlight, and water if they are going to grow and blossom and produce fruit. They just don’t just flourish on our own. 

I found this poem about how to plant a garden of JOY and thought I'd like to share it with you all today.

Plant five rows of Peas: Prayer, perseverance, politeness, promptness, and purity

Plant three rows of Squash: Squash gossip, squash criticism, and squash indifference.

Plant five rows of Lettuce: Let us be faithful to duty; let us be unselfish; let us be truthful; let us follow Christ; let us love one another.

No garden is complete without Turnips: Turn up for church; turn up with a smile; turn up with new ideas; turn up with determination to make everything count for something good and worthwhile.

We can experience joy in spite of our circumstances!

Just like I've planted flowers for my porch and patio this year, I think we all need to plant those things that bring us JOY so that we can bloom, blossom and grow!


jack69 said...

Yes we can experience JOY in spite of our circumstances, it is proven every day by those willing to smile.

Gonna be hot here today, and our four Too bad we are leaving them to grow on their own.

Barb said...

Wouldn't it be grand if we planted gardens like what you described? What a difference that would make.
Have a great weekend, Ma. You're such a blessing. Love you much.

Chatty Crone said...

I think when we can find a titch of joy in the darkness situations - that is faith and grace. sandie