It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Chapter 5, Page 5, Book 13


A large dog walks into a butcher's shop with a purse in its mouth. He puts the purse down and sits in front of the meat case. What is it, boy?" the butcher asks, joking around with his customers. Want to buy some meat?

Woof! barks the dog.

Hmm, says the butcher. What kind? Liver, bacon, steak--"

Woof! interrupts the dog.

And how much steak? Half a kilo, one kilo--

Woof! says the dog. The amazed butcher wraps up the meat and finds the money in the dog's purse.

As the dog leaves, the butcher decides to follow. The dog enters an apartment house, climbs to the third floor, and begins to scratch on the door. With that, the door swings open and an angry man starts shouting at the dog.

Stop! yells the butcher. What are you doing? That's the most clever animal I've ever seen!

Clever? counters the man. This is the third time this week he's forgotten his keys! 



Quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent

I've had plenty of opportunities to spend time with my grandchildren since I've retired and I've found it interesting to see just how clever they all are.  

It seems that in many cases they are far advanced in what they do than I remember my children being.  One big thing they seem to enjoy is the iPad.  At two years old one of my grandsons is very adapt at playing games on one.  

They are educational games for the most part and that is a good thing.  We didn't have such things when my children were small.

I'm not very clever at all when it comes to modern technology and am glad that I have children and grandchildren that are clever and knowledgeable when it comes to a lot of things.  Other times I wish they weren't quite so clever.

We can all be clever at one thing or another and it does often take on different meanings when it comes to life applications for sure.  

Clever father, clever daughter; clever mother, clever son.

Russian Proverb 


jack69 said...

Ah yes, and a very clever entry as well.
Good one. ((HUGS)) from North CArolina. Hope you have a great Sunday.

Chatty Crone said...

I have to agree with you about this - I am not very clever with all this new technology either!!! sandie

Rose said...

This new technology is going to improve even more than we can imagine.

I find it fascinating when I see a young child playing educational games on a tablet.


Carol Z said...

Clever, no! But I'm happy to catch on new things as well as I have. I found that blogging really helped. There were things I wanted to learn to blog and I had a real incentive to improve my skills. Hope you're having a great Sunday!


Clever is a good thing, for sure. But when it comes to technology I'm not.