It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, May 31, 2013

Chapter 5, Page 31, Book 13

The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse. 

Helen Keller



 Causing great wonder; extraordinary.

Extremely good or pleasing; splendid.

Its marvelous what you can see when you open your eyes.

Author Unknown feel surprised, be amazed or wonder...when was the last time you marveled at something?  I am a person easily marveled. I marvel at the new and wondrous things that happen each and every day.

The flower is marvelous because it blooms.   Unusual rocks, unusual wild flowers, shells, and four leafed clovers are also marvelous things. The gift of marveling at the works of our Creator energized us and cause to stand in awe.  Nature is powerful and marvelous.  The world and all it contains is marvelous and astonishing, and is something that we are called to ponder and treasure in our hearts.  

There are so many wonderful things to marvel at in this world, yet our lives are so busy that we miss them!  If you just take the time, anyone can go marveling anytime or anywhere.

I'm setting aside some time today just to go marveling.  I'm going to forget those worries and cares and just take time to marvel all the wonderful works of God.  Not matter where I am today,  I'm going to remind myself to enjoy all life has to offer. I'm going to look around and see the good that abounds. As I do, I'm going to experience new joys I might otherwise have missed. 

Hope you'll join me taking some time to marvel at today , if only for a few minutes .

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. 

Albert Einstein


linda m said...

Like the old saying says "Take time to smell the roses". We all need to take time and just marvel at God's wondrous creations. Blessings

Pat MacKenzie said...

It's a marvellous world we live in. I will take time today to marvel at all the beauty around us. I also marvel at the fact that you always, every day, have some lovely thoughts to share with your friends in cyber space. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I've always said I'm a turtle trying to make it's way through a roadrunner's world. Like you I prefer taking my time as I go through the day, not wanting to miss a thing. I so enjoy reading what you write- always have- always will. You're such a blessing. Love you much.


I find myself using the word marvelous and marvel quite a bit in conversation. So I was pleasantly surprised to see you feature a post on it.

Scrappy quilter said...

I agree, take time to smell the roses. All of creation is something we can marvel at, isn't it. Amazing how God created such beauty and we so often forget to just stand back and marvel at it all. Hope your day was a great one. Hugs

Jean said...

Great post as always MA.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so tired from the garage sale today, but I am trying to stop by and say hello!!! sandie

jack69 said...

Good word, Putting Helen Keller's quote is a cherry on the top of a sundae. There was one Marvelous woman.
Thanks for the reminder!!