It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 9, Book 12


Some people sit, some people try;
Some people laugh, some people cry:
Some people will, some people won't;
Some people do, some people don't.

Some people believe, and develop a plan'
Some people doubt, never think that they can;
Some people face hurdles and give it their best;
Some people back down when faced with a test.

Some people complain of their miserable lot;
Some people are thankful for all that they've got
And when it's all over, when it comes to and end;
Some people lose out and some people win

We all have a choice, we all have a say;
We are spectators in life, or we get in and play;
Whichever we choose, how we handle life's game
The choices are ours, no else is to blame.

Author Unknown

It's THANKFUL Thursday and today I'm thankful.

This summer we've had little rain in our part of the country, but on one of the rare days we had a really good rain, I raced outside to the front porch just to watch the rain come down. Somehow we get too busy just to sit and watch the rain come down.  After it finally slowed down the sun started to come back out and there in the sky was a beautiful rainbow.  

 Believe me when I say it was a beautiful sight.  You could see when it started and also where it ended.  A perfect bow in the sky.  It reminded me that Gods gifts come to us every second of the day and His blessings for us never ends.  The beauty of the simple things like sunshine on raindrops or the rainbow it brings.

Every moment of every day is a gift.  And today I'm thankful for God's endless love for us.

This life is full of blessings and it is up to us to see them.  It's also up to us to be a blessings to everyone we meet.  

I hope your Thursday is filled with many many blessings!

'On Ya'-ma


BlueRidge Boomer said...

The fog here this am is sort'a beautiful....oops!....another bead in the jar..!!

jack69 said...

I love the simple poem. It says tons, twould be nice if our entire country could KNOW (and understand the meaning of) those verses.

Love Rainbows. That is one of God's wonders that EVERYONE must love.
The promise to us.

Love from New York.

Chatty Crone said...

I know what you mean - when you need rain and it comes down - there is just this great awesome feeling. I hope it rains some more for you! sandie


There is nothing like watching a rainstorm. the smell of the air, the sound of the drops pounding on the roof and sidewalk. You were blessed to catch the rainbow at the end, MA. What a thrill, I know. take care.