It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chapter 8, Page 12, Book 12

SUNDAY R and R / From workday to rest day

It's Sunday, time to have some rest.  I always know that by the time Sunday rolls around, I'd better take time to relax and refresh, because tomorrow is Monday and I need to be able to do the best I can once again. 

But for many Sundays are more scheduled than our work days.  Because people are so busy, because time is the most precious commodity everyone has, most people feel that they cannot possibly waste the day doing nothing.   What good is it to work hard and never be able  to enjoy the fruit of our work? DO we work to live, or live to work? 

I think it will be agreed that this day of rest is absolutely needed for our physical well-being.  The truth is we need to take care care of our bodies as much as we need to take care of our souls.  

Of course there are going to be moments, seasons even, when life doesn’t pan out the way we plan it. There will be times when we have to set aside our rest and our own needs in order to respond to the life that is unfolding all around us. But, it is always give and take. It can’t be all one without the other. No matter how well we plan, and how intentionally we act, life is still going to get in the way.  Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is by saying no.  Other times we don't have a choice.  But when the option is available, I'm going to have my Sunday rest.

If nothing else, relaxing gives me time to get centered and gain  a clearer perspective 

Sunday is the week's gift of rejuvenation.  Although you may usually use this day as a time for recuperation and reflection of past days, also allow a fresh perspective to keep you gazing in the direction of the future.

Take time for Sunday.

"On Ya'-ma



Sure do love your little camper. You have carved out a little piece of heaven there. Hope the weather was good for you today, as you take in all the sights and sounds around you and relax. Take care.

grammy said...

Had coffee with my favorite guy at our favorite coffee spot this morning. We go to church on Saturday night and Sunday is the only day he does not work.

jack69 said...

There are times in life that I have to tell myself, there is nothing wrong with 'DOING NOTHING'.
There was a time I tried not to waste a minute. A trade magazine in the bathroom, Notes in my truck, notes beside my plate. Small note book in my shirt pocket etc.

Soon, I am looking forward to sitting down by a campfire with old friends and talking until we fall asleep.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your little home away from home. sandie