It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, July 09, 2012

Chapter 7, Page 9, Book 12

What a beautiful, sunny morning.  It makes you happy to be alive, doesn't it?  We can't let the sun outshine us!  We have to beam, too!

 Takayuki Ikkaku


 You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine. 
You make me happy.
 When skies are grey....

Did you know ???

Light travels wherever it is not blocked. With no lampshade, the light from a lamp shines equally in all directions and brightens all the space around it enabling one to see more clearly whatever is located in the surrounding space.
Second, the light is brightest near the source of the light. In a dark room, it is much easier to read a paper next to the lamp than it is 15 feet away.
Third, light has a source of energy other than itself. The light from a light bulb is basically a product of electricity flowing through filaments in a vacuum. The same source of energy when redirected for other uses can result in heat, magnetism, refrigeration, communication systems, and other useful technologies.
We all have an inner light seeking outward expression.  We want to make a positive difference in the world.  Our light shines when we show others patience, consideration and love.
Just as we have a choice to turn a light switch on or off, we have a choice whether we let our light shine or keep it hidden.

So today, let your light shine.
Make your own needs and wants priorities.
Make time for the things you love to do, even if they feel silly, or superficial, or extravagant. If it’s within your means to do it and it doesn’t hurt anyone, don’t worry about justifying, just enjoy!
Use your gifts and talents in the way you want to use them, not the way you think you should.
Speak directly from your heart, without fear of reproach.
If you believe in something, stand behind it, even if you stand alone.
Keep your heart open to the world around you so you can be moved and inspired and then use that internal illumination to create something that will move and inspire the people around you.
Play. Laugh. Love. Leap. And remember that you have nothing to prove. There’s nothing you have to do, and there’s no one you have to be other than exactly who you are, because who you are is beautiful, just as you are. 

Have a MERRY Monday!  Beam!

'On Ya'-ma



You brightened my morning. Wonderfully inspirational. I love this quote, "We all have an inner light seeking outward expression." It is so true. If only more people realized that what a different world it would be. have a GREAT day. take care.

That corgi :) said...

I like that to speak directly from your heart without reproach and to stand up for something even if I'm the only one standing. I'll do my best to shine my light today, Ma! I know you'll do the same!


betty said...

Ma, you outshine the sun every morning and we receive the joy from your rays. Thanks, always, aloha.

Chatty Crone said...

My mom sang that song to me - I sang it to my children and now my daughter sings it to grandson. sandie