It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter 7, Page 19, Book 12

The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!  

Henry Ward Beecher


Today is a new day. There are opportunities and blessings waiting for us. We only need to open up our hearts to receive them. Look on the bright side of the day. We are going to meet people today that will respond to our smiles, and our small acts of kindness.

Today is all we have. Each hour. Each minute provides opportunities to be happy. Savor the moments of each day. I'm grateful for all the good things I get to experience each day

I can remember as a child when it seemed that summer would last forever.  Those were the days in our lives that seemed to stretch on forever.  Then came the chilling thought that half the summer was over and those awful back to school ads began to pop up in the newspaper.

At the time I thought that mostly old people died, but I wasn't old.  I wasn't even middle aged.  And at the time middle age was old.  Now like those last weeks of summer life seems more precious and moving faster.

In the back of our heads I think everyone knows that we don't know how long any of our lives will be.  We don't want to live in complete fear of losing those we love, but we also don't want to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that we let too much time pass connecting in deeper ways with our family and friends. 

Bloggers are some of my best friends and yesterday I received an award from Chatty Crone. After all these years of blogging I still don't know how to put a link with a name so here is the link to her blog:

I'm grateful to her for thinking of me.  When you receive an award you are supposed to pass it on.  So for all those whose blogs I read, here is an award for you!

And along with the award we are to post 8 things about ourselves:

1. I am finding out how short life is.
2. I don't like to be hot!  Warm summer breezes are wonderful but we've had over 17 days in the 90's this year and that is not good at all. 17 days of staying in the air conditioning to keep cool is not my idea of summer.
3.It's been 50 years since I graduated from high school. No, I don't go to  class reunions

4. I am enjoying retirement.

5. I am not very good at expressing my words so I use a lot of quotes in my blog.

6. I am not watching a lot of TV this summer at all.  I'd rather read a good book.

7. I like don't like reality TV - most of it anyway. However, I did watch Dancing with the Stars and Idol this past season.

8. My favorite funny movie is Home Alone. I don't think any other movie has ever made me laugh so much.  

 Today I'm truly thankful for all of my family and friends and I just want to leave a little blessing with all of you ...

May each day be blessed
With all sorts of wonderful things;
Like the comfort of love and the joy of hope
And the warmth that having a good friend brings
May your tomorrows be carefree
Free from worries and fears
May each moment be magical
Lasting through the years
May this day find you well
As you cross my mind
And may you know that you’re
An important person in my life

I hope that your Thursday is a day when you too can be very thankful for all those important people in your life.

'On Ya'-ma


That corgi :) said...

congrats on the award, Ma, Sandie is a dear, isn't she? (just like you are so dear!) I think you express yourself well in your words written here! I'm with you, those many days of hot weather wouldn't be fun to deal with; hope it cools off a bit so you can enjoy summer outside before the fall and winter descends back on you. Always good to savor our days and those we love indeed!


jack69 said...

YOu are sweet lady and the Blog is SWEET. I like the opening by Beeecher, it is so true.

I always get a lift here. Thanks Be Blessed always!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just a note to let you know that we are getting some rain here...finally. That is a blessing I'm very thankful for!

Kath said...

Congratulations Ma on your award.Well deserved,I think you are a wonderful writer.I miss Blogging,but I havn't the time to learn all the new changes right now,so I will continue to read the ones I follow,as and when I can get to Blogger.I don't watch much TV either Ma,but right now,Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is choosing a new singer,for a new Musical Show to go out in London,this next season of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and what a wonderful program it is proving to watch too,it is on every evening.(pm until 10-30pm).The singers (all young men) are fighting it out for the part of Jesus,and we are now down to the last nine.Have a great Thursday Ma and thankyou for the award,but I cannot get into my blog to place it their.Take Care God Bless Kath xx


I have always enjoyed the fall more than the summer. But you're right, MA, that as children, we feel as though summer will never end. Each day is a gift, for sure. Congrats on your award. Reading is a simple pleasure. I'm glad it brings you such joy. So happy you got rain. It feels good, doesn't it?

Barb said...

Congrats, Ma. You do deserve an award and it pleasures me to see you get it. Your journal is open, warm, honest, and always has great food for thought. SO very happy to hear you got rain. You take care and thank you for the award. Take care. Love you.

Barb said...

Hi Ma, Congratulations on the award and thanks for sharing it with me and others who read your blog. I enjoyed reading the 8 things about you. It's always nice to learn more about people who matter to you. Thank you for sharing and take care of yourself. You are greatly loved. We, your readers want you to be around for a very long time.
Much love

betty said...

Congratulations, Ma! Thank you for sharing the best of you with us. You are honest, open, joyous, and a seeker of happiness. You find some great quotes and we love your two cents. Aloha.

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats to you reward - lol! So nice to hear somethings about you.

Now I agree with you - the longer I live - the faster I see it go. Life is so precious we need to enjoy it when we have it - shouldn't we?