It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter 7, Page 12, Book 12

DS#1 and our little Mr. Wonderful dancing - they have the right attitude!

Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude for living


 We have much to be thankful for, even it’s just our very life itself. Though it may not be much, I would rather be thankful for my life than complain over every little thing that hasn’t gone my way.

The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful, holds more power over our lives and our success than we might think.  We only live once, so I truly believe we need to do what we have to to make it the best life possible.

When we are grateful for what we have we have a better attitude.  When we have an attitude of gratitude we are healthier, live longer and are happier.

Much of what I'm grateful for this week is repeats of past weeks lists.  Things like home, family friends, health and food are things I've learned to appreciate.

But this week there were a few other things that made me very thankful.

A cool front went through our area and brought some much cooler days.  Instead of being 90 to 100 degrees.  We dropped back in the lower 80's for a high.  I am very thankful that I live some place where those higher temps are not the norm.

I got to babysit for one of my little grandson's this week and that is always a joy.  He is 1 going on 2 and I'm amazed every time I see him how much he is growing and learning new things.  He is very smart and like his Dad has a wonderful SMILE.  He's going to be a big brother come November and I'm sure he'll make a great one. 

I got a chance to visit with an aunt and some cousins that I don't often get to see and that was wonderful.  Everyone is so busy with their own children and all that entails that it is extra special when they take time out for a visit.  

This week 2 more trash bags from the basement went out with the rubbish. And last week when I went to the camper, I took along a whole back seat loaded with things to pass on to one of my sons.  He's involved in scouting again with his son, and I had a lot of old but still useful scout things that have been in the basement storage for years.

Very slowly but surely my collection of stuff is being pared down and I'm thankful for that.  Less stuff is always a good thing.

Although there are many other things I could list,  I'm just sharing the highlights of the past week.  

Every day seems to bring more and more things to be thankful for.

Have a THANKFUL Thursday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


That corgi :) said...

I agree, Ma, less stuff is always a good thing! Good too that some of the things you had could be used by others in the case of your son! I know he'll enjoy being involved with scouting with his son!

Loved the picture of Mr. Wonderful and his dad dancing! So cute!

Can't believe too that your daughter's little one is already a month and a half old! Time does fly!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Mr. Wonderful is dancing with his uncle - DS#5 is his dad. We were all visiting at DS#1's house when the picture was taken of them

jack69 said...

And you are such a GRANDMA, I know even the babes love to be there. You are probably close to a 'push-over' with their love. LOL
So thankful here we are with friends.

Love from the Forest, this is a lovely park and location, but being so far out has the disadvantage of weak cell signal. I know you have experienced that at times.
Love the pic!!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Your grandson dancing is so cute. Watching him must give you such joy! You wanna come and help me clean out? I'm a bit of a pack rat--actually more a slob and I don't know were to begin!

Chatty Crone said...

I believe in traveling light too. sandie