It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chapter 6, Page 28, Book 12


Just sharing some pictures with you all today.  They'll show much of what I've been thankful for this week.

This is the place where my home away from home sits.  My camper is on the left, DS#1 and his family is  in the middle and DD and her family camp on the right.  

My youngest grandson - our little X factor, after his bath this past weekend

Here he is again taking his nap

DD is such a happy Mom

This is where I spent many happy childhood summers.  It is where my grandparents lived.  Our family reunion was this past weekend and although I didn't get to go I'm thankful for all the happy memories of my days spent on their farm

This is DS#5 attempting to eat a huge burger platter a few weeks ago.  This boy loves to eat and is always up to a challenge.  

Well  he suffered some some chest pains and numbness on one side this week and wound up in the hospital.  It turns out he has a very high cholesterol level and was ok, no heart problems, but is now on medication and I'm thankful for that.

I've been blessed to have been able to spend some extended time here at my camper in the woods and have had some very relaxing days.  

Today we are going to get very hot they say.  Very close to 100 degrees .  I'm thankful my camper has air conditioning (hopefully it will work)  and that we are surrounded by some big shade trees too.

I've lots to be thankful for this Thursday.  I hope your week was one you could be thankful for too.

'On Ya'-ma


peggy said...

I love that baby!! and your camper too, especially if it is air conditioned today. Really hot here also. happy Thurs.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

The high country is soaring up to the mid-90's starting tomorrow...everyone is flocking to the river..the campgrounds are FULL!!

Chatty Crone said...

The baby is adorable. I am glad your son is okay. And I hope your a/c worked. sandie

Kath said...

Little X Factor is beautiful Ma,bless him and your D.Daughter should be a very happy mum.Babies bring lots of love.I love the place you spent many happy hours and fond memories will stay with you forever.It's beautiful how green it is too.The pictures are delightful and I hope your AC proves positive.Mixed weather here today, showers and sunshine.Good garden weather.Enjoy the rest of your Thursday,it is almost bedtime at my house.So I will bid you Goodnight and Godbless and so happy too your Sons condition is not serious.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jenny said...

Love the picture of your little grandson, family are precious. right now we are having a very hot night, not sure hwo i will sleep but your camper sure looks inviting right now.
Jenny <><

Buttercup said...

Glad your son's tests went well. The littlest guy is so cute and I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day. Enjoy and enjoy!

That corgi :) said...

lots to be thankful for! The new little one is adorable; love the picture of him and his mama!! Glad your son's health problems were nothing "too" seriously and with diet and medicine, I'm sure that cholesterol will get into an acceptable range! Beautiful area you live in Ma! I hope you do enjoy the time at the camper, even with the hot weather approaching!



Too cute for words, that precious little one. Your daughter looks like a happy mom, indeed. You are so blessed to have that little corner of the world up there at your camper. LOOKS divine. Take care.


PS) I will say a prayer for your son. I hope he's feeling better soon.

jack69 said...

Great entry and good pictures. Some folk are so silly over grandkids! hahahahahahaha
(ain't we?)
Somehow I missed yesterday????