It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chapter 6, Page 25, Book 12

The Grumble Family

There is a family nobody likes to meet,
They live, it is said, on Complaining street
In the city of Never-Are-Satisfied
The River of Discontent beside.

The growl at that, and they growl at this;
Whatever comes, there is something amiss;
And whether their station be high or humble
They are known by the name of Grumble.

The weather is always too hot or too cold,
Summer and winter alike they scold;
Nothing goes right with the folks you meet
Down on the gloomy Complaining Street.

And the worst thing is that is anyone stays
Among them too long, he will learn their ways,
And before he dreams of the terrible jumble
He's adopted into the family of Grumble.

So it is wisest to keep our feet
From wandering into Grumbling Street
And never to growl whatever we do
Lest we be mistaken for Grumblers too.


The older we get, the more we realize that the choice to be happy or unhappy is our own.  Even though we experience down days, remember that melancholy moments can bring great wisdom if we think them through.

But, the truth is that you always have a choice. To remain stuck in the bad moments or to rise above them and be happy for the sake of being happy.  We can choose to feel joyful even when things aren't the way we wish they were
We can be grateful for what life brings our way or we can grumble about it.  When we hold on to things, circumstances and problems, it stops us from enjoying what is here right now, right in front of us that might just be a happy moment if we take the time to see it.
I try to welcome every moment and accept what it offers. Even the bad moments have value, but I'm not going to hold on to it and make it more than it is.  It's only a moment and there are many more to come.

Kaleidoscopes are neat toys.  You put your eye to the scope and are able to turn the base to many different shapes and colors.  It's different for every person who looks.  Much like a kaleidoscope, we sometimes experience many different moments in one day.  I like to think that when this day ends, it will have been a happy one. 

Even in bad situations we can maintain a good attitude.  I heard someone call it an faith attitude.  Having faith that everything will work out for the good.

Have a MERRY Monday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Another great post...
My co-worker and i had a discussion on this subject just this morning...We try to "always" look on the positive side...


LOVE kaleidoscopes. Great way to see the world through different eyes. I'm guilty of holding onto to things, problems and situations that should be long gone. LIVE and LEARN. Take care.

jack69 said...

It is for sure, you are not, probably never have been part of the Grumbler family.
Love stopping by for my morning lifter upper!!!

betty said...

I like the thought of having a faith attitude, Ma; I think I'm going to try to adopt that one :) Kaleidoscopes are so cool; I always look through one for a few minutes when I see one for sale at a store :)

may your Monday be a merry one indeed!


Chatty Crone said...

I agree you are not a grumbler. I think we do need to keep the faith and when we fail off the wagon we need hop back on as soon as we can! Sandie