It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Chapter 2, Page 4, Book 12


As I was shopping this week I noticed that Super Bowl Sunday is coming up.  The aisles were packed with all kinds of snack foods to eat while watching the biggest football extravaganza of the year.  I don't watch much football but I have noticed that a football team has a clearly defined goal and that is really the root of what I'm writing about today.  We too need to have our goal posts in view.

Defining our Goals

I think we all need clearly defined goals in order to succeed in getting them done.  Just like the football player that knows when he has 20 yards to go, we also need to be able to see what we've accomplished.

I think that is why I love working in baby steps.  Taking big jobs and dividing them into smaller jobs.   When I get each little job done then I know I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line.

I do an entry once a week on a blog called the Motivation station.  There is a link to that on my side bar of this blog.  And for the month of January we were all challenged to clear out and toss 100 items.  I didn't quite make that goal but I was very close.  The way I look at it, I did a good job.  If I hadn't had that goal I probably wouldn't have tossed anything.

Life is a journey of small steps.  Some require strength and courage....others require only a simple goal.

Have a SUPER Saturday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


Sonya said...

I'll have to check out that link. I'm not sure I could part with 100 items but then again I keep stuff cleared out pretty quick. I don't hoard much. lol

Kath said...

Hello again Ma,yes I had been notified it was superbowl weekend over the pond.We do all need to set goals and like you I have started setting small ones too.I have just cleared my short path of the snow,which fell earlier this afternoon.The rest are done by our local council.More snow to come though this evening,but I shall have less to move in the morning now,from my short path to my garbage bins.I am happy you almost reached your goal,in that you had a good clear out.Have a lovely Saturday Ma.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Rose said...

I'm going to check out that link too. Thanks

Buttercup said...

I did well with my No Spending January and am moving right along with Low Spending February. Still have decluttering on my list and may add 100 things to clear out to February.


I LIKE the idea of taking baby steps to achieve your goals. If you try to do something all at once, sometimes you fail. We hoard a bit. And having been so sick with my knees and then the flu during the last part of December and entire month of January... I have alot to do to clean up. So BABY STEPS it is and hopefully I'll get the job done. Thanks for the motivation. Take care.

jack69 said...

I guess we have something else in common, the super bowl slipped up on me. I read on a forum I read ministers for and against church 'super bowl' parties.

My opinion is anytime you can get colks together in fellowship and fun, DO IT!

Yes I agree witht he small steps, and proper goals.

Love from down here!!!!
PS: Just had a neighbor pull in from Ohio. Gotta check them out!!

JeanJournal said...

I've really MISSED reading here,Ma, all last week...was visiting my son out of town...and forgot to take my laptop...Yes, indeed doing a big goal in steps is a good idea for me, too. Our weather is still Springlike in the sixties and WONDERFUL SUNSHINE! I have w a a a y MORE than 100 items to part with...and oh...It is so hard for me to even start. WISH me luck tomorrow...because IT IS TIME TO...have a clutter free home again. Have a BLESSED Monday. Jean(Rome Georgia Girl