It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 2, Page 14, Book 12

Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Franklin P. Jones

Philadelphia reporter, PR exec. & humorist



Valentines Day for me certainly isn't like it used to be.  Maybe that's the case of many of us.  This day is one I'll likely spend by myself. I did send out some Valentine cards to friends and family and I did decorate the house a bit with some hearts and flowers, but that is about the extent of my celebration.

So I got to thinking about gifts we could give ourselves.  We have to be good to ourselves you know.

Give yourself the gift of courage - when you are feeling down or discouraged, or maybe lonely or not living up to your own expectations, muster up the courage to reach out, call a trusted friend, and share your feelings. It is in the sharing of our humanity, the acceptance of our own imperfections, that we learn to cultivate selfacceptance and compassion. And, the more we practise at this skill, the better we get at it, and the closer we feel to the people around us.

Give yourself the gift of authenticity - if this were the last day you were ever going to celebrate, what would you do with your time and your money? Taking action by living from our authentic selves is enlivening and life-enhancing.

Give yourself the gift of generosity - volunteer your time with an organization that reflects your deepest values. When we give to others who have less than we do, or who may be struggling to get their feet on the ground, we get to see ourselves as a contribution. We also get to connect with the common humanity that we share with all people.

Give yourself the gift of acknowledgment - pay attention to the times when you act from your heart, with love and kindness, and give yourself an appreciative hug.

Give yourself the gift of time - schedule small joyful activities in your calendar, like sharing a cup of tea with your best friend, and be present to how you feel when you stop to connect with someone that you love.

Give yourself the gift of patience - trust that you are exactly where you need to be, that you are doing the best that you can, and that everything that you truly need will show up at the perfect time.

Give yourself the gift of laughter - a great time to do this is when company comes and your house is a wreck - learning to laugh at ourselves and our imperfections is a great way to experience the perfection of life exactly as it is right now.

Give yourself the gift of gratitude - by practising gratitude, by acknowledging the abundance in our lives every day, we balance our tendency toward scarcity with the experience of being cared for and supported. When we hold the space for goodness, when we train ourselves to see goodness in the world, it has the habit of showing up for us.

When we cultivate these qualities in ourselves - courage, compassion, authenticity, generosity, laughter, gratitude, or whatever qualities call to you - we not only tend to feel better physically and emotionally, we also see these qualities in those around us. It's good medicine, not only now, but all through the year.

Much Love to you All this VALENTINES Day
Have a terrific Tuesday! 
'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

What an idea! Great.
Now enjoy your gifts, and we will too!
Always a GIFT to drop by MA's house!

Diann said...

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Hollie said...

Happy Valentines Day!!! Great gifts indeed!

JeanJournal said...

My favourite CARD for VALENTINE'S DAY begins with (( How do I love thee? ~ Let me count the ways~~~ Last night I got on my Dell laptop and read some cards online ~~~ HAD THE BEST TIME! ~~~ I especially like to read the ones on YOUTUBE of Charly Brown (Guess I'm just a kid at heart) ~ Well, Ma ~ I guess you KNOW ~ that YOU are everybody's ~ VALENTINE!))) ~ Have a blessed and happy day. ~ Jean(Rome Georgia Girl living in Calhoun

Kath said...

I have given myself one or two of those gifts this week Ma.It has made me feel better too.Sending you lots of love this Valentines Day and I hope you feel better for the gifts you give yourself.Have a lovely day Ma.I enjoyed your verses today too.Take Care God Bless Kath xx


This was a LOVELY post. The vintage Valentine was sweet. We've been celebrating all day here. Thought I'd take a quick break to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Hope you treated yourself to something special today. Take care.

betty said...

Happy Valentine's Day, MA!
I send you a box of pastel Heart-shaped candies with the words: KIND, WARM, LOVING, SPECIAL, FUNNY, AUTHENTIC, PATIENT, HONEST, GENEROUS, COURAGEOUS, FRIENDLY, AND MUCH MORE, stamped on them.
These candies bring back memories and your morning thoughts do, too.
Thank you. said...

Wonderful post, and so true.
Hope you and yours are well.