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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Chapter 9, Page 7, Book 11


Good Bye Summer, Hello Autumn

There is always a lot to do when the season changes around here.  I still have yard work that needs to be done and I'd like to get another coat of paint on my porch too before bad weather sets in.  This past weekend we had the last of our 90 degree days and  we saw 68 as our high temp yesterday.  It will warm up in the 70's for the rest of the week but the nights are down in the 50's.

All the patio furniture, except for my rocker gets put away in the garage too.  On sunny days, even in the winter, I sometimes sit out in my rocker so I don't store that away,  It's made out of some sort of heavy duty recycled plastic and very durable.

One thing that seems to be a big job for me is changing the seasonal clothing around. Closet clutter is a major problem, as we all know far too well. As we say so long to summer and hello to fall, it’s time to start making room for our fall and winter wardrobe while still keeping a few summer items to help make the shift into the new season effortlessly. Even though summer’s almost over, we can still hold onto some key items that make the cut for fall too

KEEP: Beige, tan, and neutral pieces.

STORE the floral prints and anything linen.

 Say good bye to your flip flops until next summer

I love my flip flops and will hate to put them away.  For this month and maybe into October we need both summer and fall clothing available.  It can be down in the 50's one day and soaring toward 80 another day.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday as we transition into Fall!

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

I remember all your fall attire you shared with us while you were working! I enjoyed seeing it! It was rainy & cool yesterday! Soooo nice!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Wonderful ya..!!

That corgi :) said...

It is so hard to predict how the weather can go in fall with the ups and downs of it and trying to dress appropriately for cold or hot. I think you gave good advice what to start putting away and what to keep out. Those fluctuations in the weather are hard on the body too, I think. Hopefully maybe it will be a gradual cool down and not a lot of extremes!

enjoy the day!


Kath said...

Yes Ma it's a chore I do not like to do.Clearing away summer items.Being as I am to enbark as you know on holiday to USA to Sons my summer things are mostly packed and sorted now Heeee.It's very hot in Texas but then again it can be cooler in San Fransisico,so there you have it.I have had to do a sort out before I go.I have packed both cool and some a little warmer items.Also like you I love my flip flops too,they are so comfy.Good luck when you de- clutter.I agree with Holly that I loved your wardrobe as well, when you displayed quite a few to us on Blogger last year.I hope you manage the porch jobs you have to do too.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

Yes we will keep track of you guys winterizing. But our prep for winter is to check the oil and start the diesel and head for florida. To the Membership park and state camp grounds.
Your weather sounds nice.
From NC for another few days,
Sherry & jack


Seasonal changes abound. I too have to hide away my patio furniture before snow flies. Our high was only 59-60 degrees this week, down from the 90's. Very chilly. For the life of me can't find a sweater anywhere. Had to break out my long sleeve shirts. So I understand what you're saying about changing wardrobes for the fall. Great points you made.