It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Chapter 9, Page 4, Book 11

Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start All over again

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

From the Film: Swing Time  1936


Resilience can best be understood as a type of response to intense stress. By definition, resilience means bouncing back or returning to form

There are six things that are key to being resilient

Positive outlook
Active coping
Learning and making meaning
Acceptance of limits

Imagine if a blade of grass decided it had had enough. It was done with having its head snipped off every weekend and its seeds,  its future, cut off in their prime. Who could blame it?

To see the benefits of flexibility, just look at the difference between an oak tree and a blade of grass. The oak tree is large and massive, with a strong but rigid trunk and a system of roots and branches. The blade of grass is slight and has a very shallow root system. Yet, in the face of hurricane-force winds, it's the oak that's destroyed because the blade of grass is able to bend, deflect and return to form
A blade of grass is resilient.  It finds an opportunity for growth in every stressful situation. Each blade of grass is rooted in the earth, energized by the sun, and intertwined with the others that surround it. Bound to place and to each other, the blades of grass form a living community that can be likened to a people

Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again.
And suddenly we take the hint
 Robert Frost

You too, can learn to be as resilient as the grass. You may be cut down on a regular basis, yet your strength is in standing up, dusting yourself off, and starting all over again. 

I've been enjoying a wonderful Labor Day weekend at the camper but there hasn't been much time to put together much of anything new for today's post.  So... today's post is one I made quite awhile back on the Motivation Station Blog.  Hope you all are having a great weekend with family and friends.  It's been really hot here causing the power to go out for a while yesterday but it is supposed to cool way down by Monday.

I hope you are enjoying some of that great R and R that we all need.

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

Never thought about grass in that manner! Thanks for sharing this! i'm enjoying a lazy day!

jack69 said...

As always a good thought and good advice.
We have a beautiful day here. Counting the days until the wheels roll.
Sending love from NC

Scrappy quilter said...

Great post. Hope your weekend continues to be great. Have fun!! Hugs


I agree with the six things that are the key to being resilient. I particularly like the one about accepting limits. Also good analogy about grass. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Buttercup said...

Happy to be a blade of grass! Wishes for a merry Monday.

Rose said...

I always enjoy reading your Blog.

Enjoy Labor Day.