It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chapter 9, Page 22, Book 11

You don't want to get to the end of life's journey and discover you never left the interstate.  ~Robert Brault


This week I'm thankful for the privilege to be on the journey

The journey called  LIFE I mean.

No I'm not taking a trip somewhere, but the trip I'm talking about today is the one I've been on since I was born.  The one I write about each day.  

I love writing down my thoughts and inspirational poems, quotes and stories that i find to share.  I also love the fact that I can share some happenings here at my house with others too.  

We are all on a journey and it's much better when we have someone to share it with.

When we plan for a journey, we always take time to make a list of what we will need for that journey.  We pack our suitcases with everything possible to make that trip enjoyable.  We take maps and guide books along to ensure we see the important things.  We need to do that in life too.  Preparation and planning are important for all of us.  And I know that I can always use a little guidance along the way.

So on this THANKFUL Thursday I am very thankful to be on this journey.  Making each day count as if there is no tomorrow and never regretting the past.  Today is what is important.

It is my hope today,  that you all will have lots of reasons to be thankful too.

'On Ya'-ma


Hollie said...

I'm thankful to be able to share your journey! I think you are right, we need to put more thought into our daily life. Take time to enjoy the little things as well!

That corgi :) said...

It is so true we prepare for our journeys/vacations we take but sometimes we don't plan for life, our biggest journey. Always good to get any advice and help we can to get through this life with joy and happiness and that is why it is always so refreshing to read your journal, Ma, with what you share with us for encouragement, inspiration, etc! Thanks for doing so!

have a great day!


Diann said...

This post reminds me of my 3 yr old. I have been working with her each evening regarding saying her prayers. I have been telling her to simply let God know what she is thankful for each night. As she is getting the "hang of it", it is interesting to see through her eyes what she is thankful for each night. It reminds me to be thankful for all the little things that get over looked.

Scrappy quilter said...

Me too Ma, me too. I'm so thankful to be on this journey. It's always interesting, never boring. Hope you have a wonderful Thurs. Hugs


It is an interesting journey this thing called life. My husband and I were not prepared for his recent layoff and it's consequences. We should have planned ahead, but we were too busy living in the moment. Live and learn. Hope you have a nice evening.