It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chapter 9, Page 13, Book 11

The moment when you first wake up in the morning is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours.  No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen.  And the fact that it practically always doesn't, matters not a jot.  The possibility is always there.  

Monica Baldwin


Terrific Tuesdays and Wonderful Wednesdays lead to Thankful Thursdays and Fantastic Fridays!

Tuesdays are pretty terrific when you think about it.  We made it through Monday anyway and that is often the hardest day of the week.  I remember when I used to work, payroll day was on Monday morning and I'd be swamped with doing that and the mountain of other things that would accumulate over the weekend.

As of yet, there's nothing especially terrific about this Tuesday, but a little extra positivity never hurt anyone!  It is a day of all kinds of possibilities for me.  It's possible that I'll finally finish the birthday shawl I've been working on for one of my DIL's September birthday.  It is possible that I'll finish up the fall decorating here that I started over the weekend.  It's possible that I may even try out one of the new recipes I saw on line recently.  

Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

Samuel Ullman 

This time of year I see children waiting for the school bus, anticipating a new school day, Seeing the children excited about their day stirs a new enthusiasm in me.  As children return to school, I often  pray for them to have a positive, enriching experience. 

Maybe this Tuesday I'll be more enthusiastic and fulfill some of those possibilities just like those children going off to school who will be discovering new skills, enhancing their natural talents, and putting new knowledge to use.

That's my 2 for this Tuesday...Possibilities and enthusiasm.

I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one too!

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

I normally d not start my day this early, BUT today is the day we HEAD south. Tonight in SC.
Thanks for the nice send off.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Let us know about those recipes....have a wonderful Tuesday..


peggy said...

I just love seeing the neighborhood children going off to school We have a good school and I hope each one of them is happy and loved.

That little scarecrow guy is great with his verse. I copied him to keep, is that okay?

That corgi :) said...

I like your graphic, Ma, with thanking Jesus for so many reasons to smile!! I like thinking of the day with possibilities of what will happen, especially good ones like you mentioned with finishing a gift and decorating your house! Whatever happens today, I know you'll find reasons to smile about it!


Hollie said...

Your blog is ALWAYS a wonderful beginning of my day! My day gets started off on the right foot after reading it! Thanks for that!

Have a wonderful day of great possibilities!

Scrappy quilter said...

It's fun to watch the kids off to school now that we are in the city. I love seeing the anticipation on their little faces each new day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we started all our days like they do. Hope your Tues. is terrific. Hugs


Good luck finishing that birthday shawl you've been working on for your DIL's birthday. Have fun with the the fall decorating. If you try out a new recipe and it's good, please share it with us. I'm always looking for new ideas. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Rose said...

You always put a smile on my face and a sense of calm comes over me everytime I read your blog. A good feeling. Thank you.

Hugs, Rose

Buttercup said...

I'm with you. I like seeing the neighborhood children walking to school. Yes, kids walk to school in the neighborhood. Often with parents, but the older kids are with other kids. There is a school right around the corner from my building and it's fun to see the little ones going to school. It seems awfully quiet in the summer.