It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Chapter 8, Page 6, Book 11

There is more to life than increasing its speed

Mohandas K. Gandhi


There's an old Indian tale I love about a cracked pot. As the story goes, a water-bearer daily carries two water pots across his shoulders up to his master's house. One pot loses half its water on each journey because it is cracked. Miserable and ashamed of his imperfection, the flawed vessel apologizes one day to the water-bearer for only being able to do half what he was created to do. It is then revealed that with this imperfection in mind, the water-bearer has planted seeds on the cracked pot's side of the path to be watered so that flowers could grow to decorate the master's table and make it beautiful.

I'm like the cracked pot. As I get older there seems to be less and less I can do each day but I'm still here for a reason and just like that cracked pot in the story above I still have a purpose in life too.

Being slower than I used to be has its blessings too. Life in the slow lane can sometimes show us things we might have missed if we were going faster.

Sometimes the circumstances and challenges we face in life almost destroy us. But they can, in fact, produce in us shape and character that we will need to face life.

If life in the slow lane appeals to you, here are some easy steps to escape the rat race and enjoy a slower, simpler, happier life:

Choose 3 things to accomplish each day

When you finish the list, the rest of the day is yours to relax. With this approach you’ll be completing 21 important tasks a week

Learn to say no

Stretching yourself too thin can rob you of joy. And the world needs joy more than anything.

Embrace quality over quantity

Try doing fewer things, but choose the ones that really add value to your life.

Spend time with people you love

Make time every single day to spend with loved ones, and you won’t end up with a single regret

This minute is all you have. Yesterday has gone, tomorrow hasn't happened, you only have now. If you constantly rush through what you're doing, thinking of what you'll do next, you don't get to truly experience your minutes. Slow down, think about what you're doing, experience it fully, and get something out of it. Every thing you do is part of your life. Make your minutes memorable.

Remember that cracked pots have purpose too and that moving slower is sometimes a blessing!

Have a SUPER SATURDAY everyone

'On Ya'-ma
Saturday resolution:Show your love today, not just to those close to you, but to strangers and all you encounter.



I have heard this story about the cracked pot and beautiful flowers. Very nice. Throughout my life I have learned to live in the moment. It's what time you have.

jack69 said...

Good selections you have for life in the slow lane. Most of us cannot stay completely in the slow lane, it takes a lot of learning!

Love to you!