It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Chapter 8, Page 3, Book 11


Once upon a time an evil king captured a beautiful princess and held her hostage in his high tower. Though she was very beautiful he forced her to wear a disgusting and smelly burlap dress.

You'll never get away with this, she cried. Some brave knight will rescue me!

Not in that old, dirty thing, the evil king replied.

She waited day and night, but it was just as the king predicted. Every knight that saw her in the window of the high tower was scared away by her disgustingly dirty dress. After many months the princess broke down crying and the evil king taunted her:

You see? I told you no knight would rescue a damsel in this dress!

a little story found on the net

Sometimes I turn back the clock and remember the little child who used to look into the mirror and dream wonderful dreams. I've found that you really don't have to be a princess to live happily ever after. I guess it's all about how you define princess and the expectations that come with that definition.

No matter what age we are we can still feel confident, decisive, focused, purposeful, energetic and empowered. Sounds great, but truthfully it takes a lot of persistence and work to manage it all.

I think that if you believe that a princess is one to whom much is given, but of whom much is also expected, maybe you'll learn to see yourself as an equal in your home, in the workplace and as a strong role model for your children. We can still be that that strong, independent, joyful human being left behind.

I think that we never get too old to dream or to have happiness. We can't blame outside forces for disappointments or wait for others to change their behavior. Instead we can choose to change our response. We need to stand strong and refuse to be a victim.

My princess days may be long gone but I do still look forward to each day. Being on my own now for so many years has changed the way I do things and the way I think. No brave knight ever came to rescue this distressed damsel and with the good Lord's help, I've still managed to make it on my own. We never know the power we have until we try.

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone.

'On Ya'-ma

Wednesday Resolution: Begin a project today that you have been meaning to start for a while.

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