It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 8, Page 17, Book 11

Smile, becuase when you smile you can't help but think of good thoughts


Who knew Wednesdays could be so wonderful? My goal every day but especially on Wednesdays is to focus on the positive in everything. Though many things have changed in my life, some things are still the same and my life is still simple and wonderful.

Sometimes I have to dig pretty deeply to find the positive side to some things but I do have some positives in my life right now so I thought I'd share just a few

The good news today is that it is still summer and it isn't snowing outside.

My lawnmower is self propelling. Me, Myself and I push it and it works just fine

I had a wonderful few days with some of my grands this past week and although I'm tired it is a good tired.

The work I do is my choice alone, being retired does have its benefits

These are just a few of the WONDERFUL things in my life right now. This is not to be confused with my Thankful Thursday list as tomorrow I be posting that for you all to see,

Remember, God only gives us a short time here. It is up to us to make the most of it.
Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Looks like this winter will be a mild one....i've only got 7 beads in the jar and August is half over...Yeah!!!


Scrappy quilter said...

Another wonderful post. I try to stay positive in everything too. At times it's difficult I have to admit yet staying positive has gotten me through so many difficult times in my life. Aren't those grandkids wonderful. Hope you're having a wonderful Wed. Hugs

jack69 said...

Late again. I remember hearing Snooky Lanson sing 'You are a slo Poke dear', Late Again etc.
This is always an up beat blog. I do hope you had the Wonderful Wednesday.

Midlife Mom said...

I love how positive your posts always are! I chuckled over the snow remark! ha! I mowed for a couple hours today and it was so nice to be out in the warm sunshine, not too warm, just right. The sky was blue with big puffy clouds and it wasn't humid! A perfect day!!!


I admire you for having a lawnmower that is self propelled. That is alot of hard work. Glad you are getting a chance to relax following watching grandchildren. They are alot of hard work too.