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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chapter 7, Page 22, Book 11

It's ten o’clock…do you know where your children are?


It’s ten o’clock…do you know where your children are? Remember that TV one-liner from long ago? Well, not THAT long ago–but our kids think we are ancient, so it IS ancient history to them. But it was a gentle reminder that parents KNOW the whereabouts of their kids. We joked about it, but I’m glad I had parents who cared. I hope you did too!

In today's world it's important not only to know where your children are but what they may be up to on the internet too. Do we know what they are texting? Do we know what kind of music they are listening to or what they are reading?

Being a parent was never an easy task for anyone. Now even more, we really do need to know where are children are.

As a mom of grown children and a grandmother who grew up in a totally different world, I find some of what goes on today absolutely unbelievable. Times have changed dramatically. Of course if you are not as old as I am, you may not think so. Each generation seems to think that the upcoming one is worse than the one before it seems.

Change has definitely become harder for me as I have grown older. However, because my faith is strong, I am able to trust God and remain open and full of hope. Doing so has brought a life much fuller than anything I might have envisioned.
On any given day I rarely know exactly where my children are. I'm not one to call my children daily, in fact I usually just wait for them to call me. I know that they all lead busy lives with their jobs and families so I wait for them to call me. It's not that I'm not interested, I surely am. When I don't hear from them then I think that no news must be good news.

I am happy to say I survived all of the 10 o'clocks when my children were growing up, but as a parent, I know we never stop caring. Not even when they are grown up and on their own. It is the price we pay as parents. I am happy to pay.

Have a FANTASTIC Friday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma

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Hollie said...

Your children are so blessed to have such a great Mom also! You are right it is so scary raising children! It's so different from when I was a teen. I'm so thankful that mine is grown & I continue to pray daily for him as well as his safety & decisions he makes. God is Good!

jack69 said...

Life changes and I hate the change, especially in parent/children relations. The divorces the new parents kids have four and six sets of grandparents it gets crazy to an old person. Three last names in one family. I know the children cannot help it and even many parents cannot. As one person told me, "There are some folks you just cannot live with, but you don't know it until after you are married!"

Oh well I try to ride the tide and not make waves where there is calm.

Good entry of course.
Sherry & Jacki

grammy said...

It surly is a different world
helps me know what my Mom or Grandmother thought about my life....just so different from them
I did know where my kids were for the most part....(o:
So do your boys call you??? or is it their wife's that call?
I always want my husband to call his parents...they want to hear from him, not just me reporting in.


Good question. I like to think I always knew where my children were. But one never really knows, do they? It is a different world today. I worry for my grandchildren and their futures. I sometimes wait by the phone for my daughter to call. Otherwise, I text her and say hello twice a week.