It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 7, Page 20, Book 11

Dear Lord, grant me the grace of wonder. Surprise me, amaze me, awe me in every crevice of Your universe. Delight me to see how Your Christ plays in ten thousand places, lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not His, to the Father through the features of men's faces. Each day enrapture me with Your marvelous things without number. I do not ask to see the reason for it all; I ask only to share the wonder of it all.

Rabbi Joshua Braham Heschel

Children can teach adults a lot about celebrating life. How to live in the moment, how to discover and delight in simple things. Have you ever wondered what makes little kids so happy? They will laugh for no apparent reason at all.

Ever watch how children act on an inner impulse? If they feel like doing something, they do it. If they want to run around in circles or dance or sing... they do. No inhibitions, no judgments. Just the sheer exuberance of living in the moment.

By and large, our world has lost its sense of wonder. We have grown up. We no longer catch our breath at the sight of a rainbow or the scent of a rose, as we once did. We have grown bigger and everything else smaller, less impressive. When is the last time life excited you so much that your cup ran over? These times are so rare that when you do experience them you just have to drop to your knees and thank the Lord for the special gift He has given you. Don't loose the wonder of life. Just look around...wonder is every where!

Ever see a dog riding along in a car, with his face out the window, luxuriating in the breeze?
Life is good!

...Or a cat, who finds that spot on the rug where the sunshine is coming through the window.
Life is very good!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday every one!

'On Ya'-ma

Wednesday Resolution: If your fear is putting God’s wonderful plans for you at risk, remember that He will never ask you to do anything He can’t bring to completion, even if it requires miraculous intervention on His part.

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jack69 said...

Lovely, life is good and we should enjoy it and most of all appreciate it.
Love from NC
Sherry & Jack