It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chapter 6, Page 26, Book 11

R and R Sunday

The value of rest and relaxation

According to a Greek legend, in ancient Athens a man noticed the great storyteller Aesop playing childish games with some little boys. He laughed and jeered at Aesop, asking him why he wasted his time in such frivolous activity.

Aesop responded by picking up a bow, loosening its string, and placing it on the ground. Then he said to the critical Athenian, Now, answer the riddle, if you can. Tell us what the unstrung bow implies.

The man looked at it for several moments but had no idea what point Aesop was trying to make. The moralist explained, If you keep a bow always bent, it will break eventually; but if you let it go slack, it will be more fit for use when you want it.

So it is with us. Our minds and bodies are like the bow. When constantly under pressures of everyday life, we can eventually break. We need to loosen up; we need time to take the pressure off and relax.
Make time for play and do the things you like to do. Whatever your age, your inner child needs re-creation.
Let go. Nothing is usually the hardest thing to do - but often it is the best.
Slow down; God is still in heaven. You are not responsible for doing it all yourself, right now.

I do hope your Sunday is one that is filled with that wonderful R and R that we all need so much! You all are in my thoughts and prayers as always!

'On Ya'-ma

Sunday resolution: To be your best, make sure you change your pace


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Enjoy your day...!!


I'm a firm believer in draining your brain to revive your spirit. So I will be relaxing today. Have a GREAT day, MA.

Rose said...

Rest and relaxation is a must for everyone!

That corgi :) said...

I needed to hear those words, Ma, that I am not responsible for doing it all yourself right now. Very timely advise!! And yep, God is still in heaven and still definitely in control of everything!!! It is always good to have a day to rest and sometimes do absolutely nothing :)



Scrappy quilter said...

Dropping by to say hi. Will soon be in our new home, next Mon. to be exact. Hope all is well at your end. Hugs

Ally Lifewithally said...

Sunday is a special day forest So Ma enjoy your Sunday ~ Ally x

jack69 said...

Good one Ma, today I will unstring the bow!

Makes sense, of course Aesop would.

Love from down here.

Sybil said...

Hope you had a lovely relaxing day yesterday..sorry I didn;t get in to comment...however I also had a lovely day with a friend down from London. It was gloriously hot and showers at times ! typical as I take a party of 12 old guilders out for lunch !
meant to say do love the roses at top of your blog..
Love Sybil x