It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 6, Page 21, Book 11

The question, Which is the happiest season of life? was asked of an aged man.
And he replied: When spring comes, and in the soft air the buds are breaking on the trees, and they are covered with blossoms, I think, How beautiful is spring; and when summer comes and covers the trees with its heavy foliage, and singing birds are among the branches, I think, How beautiful is summer. When autumn loads them with golden fruit, and their leaves bear the gorgeous tint of frost, I think, How beautiful is autumn. And when it is severe winter, and there is neither foliage nor fruit, then I look up through the leafless branches as I never could until now, and see the stars shine in God's home.

Source Unknown


There is a season and a time for everything. I try to enjoy all the seasons each year, but I do have a favorite one and that is SUMMER. I don't have to think twice about it as there is no doubt in my mind.

I was very fortunate indeed to find some fresh homegrown strawberries on a roadside stand this past weekend. I love strawberries but the taste of these was so superior to the ones I've recently bought in the grocery store. The growing season for strawberries is very short here so I counted myself very blessed indeed to have been able to find some.

The fragrantly sweet juiciness and deep red color of strawberries can brighten up both the taste and aesthetics of any meal. Not only do they taste great they are among the fruits and vegetables ranked highest in health-promoting antioxidants.

Since they are very perishable, strawberries should not be washed until right before eating or using in a recipe. Do not remove their caps and stems until after you have gently washed the berries under cold running water and patted them dry. This will prevent them from absorbing excess water, which can degrade strawberries' texture and flavor. To remove the stems, caps and white hull, simply pinch these off with your fingers or use a paring knife.

Despite their perishable nature, strawberries do appear to hold up well for a day or two in fruit salad if properly stored and chilled. This is good news for those of us who are pressed for time but love fresh fruit salad. And who doesn't since it's a perfect addition to any meal and makes a great snack or dessert?

Did you know that the first farmers' markets started popping up over a hundred years before the Declaration of Independence. Since then, it has become an American tradition to buy fresh produce, flowers, eggs and cheese from farmers' markets and roadside stands. In those early days, farmers would brave muddy roads in their horse-drawn wagons. As time went on, farmers switched from horses to pick-ups to make a weekly trek to town, where they'd pile bushels of fruit and vegetables high on the tailgate of their trucks. Today, many lucky city dwellers visit markets that are open every day.

Summer time іѕ thе best time tο dο many things, аnd thіѕ includes spending those delightfully sunny days outdoors. I like my house but have spent way to much time in in for the past 6 months. I will be savoring each tidbit of summer that I can, saving those bits of sunshine to brighten a dismal January day

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer.... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

That's my 2 for this TERRIFIC Tuesday: Strawberries and famers' markets.

Happy Summer everyone!

'On Ya'-ma

Tuesday resolution: Live life day by day, season by season


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I love our local veggie stands and our weekend farmers market...!!


That corgi :) said...

that was interesting information about the farmer's markets, Ma. I hadn't heard that before. Those strawberries do sound delicious that you found! Thanks for the info on how to keep them fresh too!

enjoy the summer and all the blessings that come with it!


Kathy said...

I bought a half flat of locally grown strawberries at our Farmer's Market Saturday. We've been enjoying them each day. I think today will be the last day for them. Our local fruit is naturally sweet and smaller than what is in the markets. Yesterday I made Spinach Strawberry salad for lunch and it was soooo good. I hope you enjoy your strawberries as much as we have.


Our Farmer's Markets are at the mall. I love fresh strawberries too. DELICIOUS. Thanks for the tips on cleaning them. Autumn is my favorite season. But summer is right up there on my list.

grammy said...

I do love farmers markets (o:
Glad you got some great strawberries...
are you staying at the camper this summer or going back and foreth to your house?
I will admit....I want summer to last a long time...Indian summer would be nice after the cold .... it was in the fifties least it is 70 right now.

jack69 said...

It all sounds great. Love the smell and taste of the red juicy Strawberries. Only once did I get a chance in Florida to 'pick your own', but it was a thrill picking at 25 cents a quart. And you could eat all you wanted as you picked, it was great.

Some of the growers open their fields, after the commerical pick is finished.
Sherry & Jack back home in our back yard.