It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Chapter 2, Page 5, Book 11

Had I not seen the Sun, I could have borne the shade

Emily Dickinson

It's SUPER Saturday!

Yesterday afternoon I walked into my kitchen and stopped to look out the back door at the birds at the suet cake outside. All of the sudden I had the nicest feeling on my knees. It was the sunshine coming in the window. I stood there for a long time just enjoying the warmth of the sun. How great it felt. I guess I could have pulled over a chair and just sat there all day, but it was in the middle of the kitchen floor and I really couldn't do anything else sitting there so I moved on.

I know that when it gets a little warmer I'll be out on the patio soaking up some sunshine and loving it.

We've had very few days of sun here since the beginning of the year. 3 maybe 4 are about all I can remember. I should write it on my calendar so I can compare next year.

Today DS#6 and our little Lucky guy will be in to spend the afternoon with me. This was a welcome surprise for sure!

He doesn't come home very often. Holidays and special occasions are about the only things that bring him my way anymore. His wife has to attend a baby shower for a cousin so while she is doing that, I get to have the pleasure of their company.

How I love unexpected surprises like this. I won't be getting the things done around my house that I had planned to do but it hardly matters. Times like this are just like golden nuggets to store in my treasure chest. What a SUPER Saturday this will be!

I hope you all are having a SUPER Saturday too!

'On Ya'-ma


Ally Lifewithally said...

enjoy your time with your DS#6 and your little Lucky guy ~ How lovely you got some sunshine coming through your kitchen window I think I would have sat there for a while :O) ~ have a lovely weekend ~ Ally x

Hollie said...

I had a welcomed surprise this morning also! When I took Mattie out for her morning business I saw this beautiful thing in the sky! Oh my goodness...such a wonderful sight! It's still blooming cold but the sight of it just lifted my mood automatically!!!

I hope you have a wonderful afternoon with DS#6 and the little Lucky which I know you will!

Scrappy quilter said...

Enjoy your visit with your son and grandson. I love surprises too. We haven't had near the sunny days we normally do during the long winter months this year either. I love it when it's sunny during these months. Even though it's always colder, I don't mind the cold as long as we don't have the extreme winds. Hope your day is perfect. Hugs

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I love the way you enjoy every little bit of life...!!!
Have a Super Saturday...

jack69 said...

Ahhhhh yes, the sun is so nice after hiding for a long period, even in Florida where it is over cast. It will be a pleasure to see the sun!

Jean said...

I'm sure you will have a wonderful day with your son and grandson.Maybe in a few months this cold will be gone and we will have some nice warm days, take care.

grammy said...

My cat is always in the middle of the floor soaking up the spot of sun....not a bad idea (o:
Colorado gives us a good amount of sunshine even in the winter. Yea SUN

Linda :) said...

The sun is shining at our house today too! Enjoy time with your guys.... we will be going to see son1's new apartment in just a bit... he and son2 are doing the last of the unpacking... :)

Kathy said...

Living in an area where the sun isn't so plentiful in the winter months makes you really appreciate it when it decides to shine doesn't it? We've been so lucky here for the last couple of weeks we've had sunshine each day. I love it. Enjoy your little grandson's visit today.