It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday is my time for R and R

Sometimes it’s hard to see how God is working. For instance, your car breaks down right before you are to take a family road trip. But when you take the car to the shop, the mechanic says, Good thing you didn’t take this out on the road. It could have caught fire. Our journey is often redirected by uncontrollable detours. Perhaps God is showing us a better route.

Too many times we fail to see the reasons why things happen, but it is there no matter. When I was a child, I was taught to stop, look, and listen before crossing the street. This is wise advice. When we stand at the crossroads of a difficult decision, rushing ahead blindly is unwise or worse. Instead, we can stop, look, and ask, What does God want me to see in this situation

That is one of the reasons I'll be off to church as usual today. Seeking the wisdom that is beyond my power to grasp. The older we are, the more we are in tune with setbacks, knocks and failures. It is wonderful to know that we are not on our own, that we can learn from them and that we can restart again.

Today is the day I receive needed refreshment and renewal for the week ahead. We all need to feel rested and relaxed. That's very important to being the best person we can be. I think that being assured that all will be well and for everything there is a season and a reason is one way to be just that.

I hope your Sunday is one that is full of that wonderful R and R too

Relax with me and celebrate today!

'On Ya'-ma


Kath said...

Enjoy your R&R Day Ma.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

jack69 said...

I trust we all will get the refreshment we need today. Have a great R&R.

From Florida where it is illegal to snow!!!!

Sybil said...

Certainly has been a good day for R&R here Ma. At the servic ethis morning it was pointed out to us how often we have a "converation" with God...but how rarely do we actually sit quietly and wait for a reply...We had an extra prayer time of silence today an dit is true, our minds do seem to get into a different gear when we sit quiet for a while.
Love Sybil xx

Scrappy quilter said...

Just got back from a wonderful Sunday service. Love when we can get refreshed with our church family. Hope you're day is going well. Hugs

grammy said...

Not sure I have rested today Like I should. I fell off of a chair trying to hang a picture ( I am OK..sore and will be stiff) should have been resting (o: