It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 10, Page 23, Book 10

The Autumn of Life

What a wondertime in life's autumn
when the leaves of the trees are all gold.
When God fills each day as He senates it
with memories, priceless and old
What a treasure-house filled with rare jewels
are the blessings of year upon year.
When life has been lived as you've lived it
in a home where God's presence is near
May the deep meaning surround this day
like the paintbrush of God up above,
Touch your life with wonderful blessings
and fill your heart brimful with His love

Helen Steiner Rice

I try to care enough about all the moments of life to live all of them well. One thing we cannot do in life is to ignore it. Life teaches us lessons relentlessly. We learn to enjoy each happy part, to endure each costly part, to cope with every exhausting part, and to learn from every difficult part. It's important to learn the lessons well so that life is more meaningful and worthwhile.
Life's biggest lessons aren't learned all at once. Just like my little grandchildren I still have much to learn. We adults often find irrational reasons for judging, and complicated reasons for liking things or people. Children don't need complex reasons for enjoying or loving.

What matters most is that we learn from living
Doris Lessing

Have a SUPER Saturday everyone!

'On Ya'-ma

P.S. I am getting a notice that I've exceeded my limit for photos...and they won't let me upload any more. Has this happened to anyone else?


Kathy said...

So true about judging and kids aren't like that. I haven't had a problem uploading but then I haven't loaded that many pictures. Have a good weekend.

Debbie said...

Your post today is very inspirational! Great quotes, and wisdom you are passing on.
I have lots of problems with blogger concerning uploading pictures...I must be reaching my limit too, cause I've posted LOTS of pics.

grammy said...

Oh no...I don't know what to do when that happens. I know you can make a blog book...but it cost enough that I wouln't do it very often.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Ma ~ "PAT" have a blessed weekend ~ Allyx

Buttercup said...

Have a glorious Saturday. It's lovely here and I was able to get out and walk -- without a phone! Felt so good. Haven't gotten any message about photos.

jack69 said...

Helen S. has written some good stuff. A lot of common sense in her writing.

I only upload photos to the Blog. But I have never had a message like that.

That corgi :) said...

never have gotten that notice about photos, Ma; sounds weird, I didn't realize there was a limit

I like that "children don't need complex reasons for enjoying or loving". We need to be more child like in areas of life and not take all of it so seriously and just enjoy it!