It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chapter 10, Page 18, Book 10

Antiques are things one generation buys, the next generation gets rid off, and the following generation buys at auction at amazing prices.

It's MERRY Monday!

It's just a grand feeling for me to greet another new day and think all the possibilities that it may contain. I am feeling just a bit old this morning as I'm still recouping from the chore of closing up the camper this past weekend.

There is so much to do here that I really have to keep myself busy though. It's be easy to do nothing today but I'm not going to give in.

There are a lot of antiques in my house. Just old things nothing very grand or worth any money. It's just that most everything here has been around a long long time. But I like it and it's comfortable. The trouble is there is just way to much stuff and this winter is going to be an opportunity for me to sort it all out.

Before I can do that there is preparation for the holidays coming and for me that means making gifts. So each day I'm going to use the good daylight hours to work on the gifts right now. Evenings I can sit and crochet or knit but I need the daylight for what I'm going to be painting.
Genuine Antique Person - Been there, done that, can't remember!
I have been enjoying my retirement to the fullest and no, I never think about or miss working. I am so busy with things I love to do that that part of my life is a closed book now.

Having this time to do things that I'd always had to rush through in the past is like a gift that is new every day. It just keeps offering more and more possibilities for me. I'm moving slower anyway and it's good to have more time to spend on what I do.

The picture of the babe with the mums in my post yesterday was our little Lucky guy. It's hard to believe that one of the first things I did when I retired was to go watch him for a month when his mom went back to work. He was just 6 weeks old then and now he's almost 9 months old. My how time does fly.

JOY is new every morning!

Have a MERRY Monday every one!

'On Ya'-ma


jack69 said...

It also seems like just a few weeks ago to us, that you announced the arrival of the bundle of joy!

Time flies, as you said.

Angie said...

It seems to me not more than 5 minutes since you first announced you were thinking of retiring. Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself?

That corgi :) said...

Wow, I can't imagine Mr. Lucky is almost 9 months old! that time did go by fast! he'll be walking before long!

looking forward to seeing what you make this year as gifts, Ma (after Christmas of course so surprises can be kept :)

fall/winter is always a good time to weed through and decide what to keep and what to part with :)

enjoy the day


Ally Lifewithally said...

I just cannot throw anything away all my old antiques (LOL) I put in a box and put them in the attic ~ I always intend to give them to charity but I never do ~ I am so glad you are enjoying your retirement and have all the time to do the things you enjoy ~ Ally x