It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Chapter 4, Page 5, Book 10



Que Sera, Sera...what will be, will be are words that were made popular by actress-singer Doris Day. I am not very good at predicting the future and the future is not ours to see Que Sera, Sera
I can remember thinking that paying $.60 for a gallon of gas seemed outrageous. Last week I paid $2.59 a gallon.

I can also remember, before I had children, watching parents deal with their children and saying, My child will never do that
I can remember looking at families and saying with absolute confidence, They are a great family. They seem to have it all together. Great kids. Great marriage. They will make it. Only to learn later that I had no idea what went on behind closed doors

One thing I have learned is that our choices, reactions, and willingness to push back against life do matter. They can make all the difference for you and for others. Always Choose wisely.
Life is not about barreling down a preset path to a foregone destination. You matter to the way God sees and moves what we call history. Remember time waits for no one. The choices you make and the actions you take, today, determine all your tomorrows.

One of the most treasured gifts we have is the ability to give, without expecting something is return. Things such as unconditional gifts of the heart, like encouragement, hope love, a kind word and appreciation make such a difference in others lives

Remember what we give returns to us, multiplied many times over.

Choose wisely and have a MERRY Monday everyone!

‘On Ya’-ma


That corgi :) said...

I totally agree Ma, choose wisely and seek God's wisdom. We don't know what the future holds, but we do indeed know who holds the future

(I feel old, I remember gas at 0.33 cents a gallon :)

if memory serves me right, this is your last week of work!!!


Sybil said...

Well MA this is the last Monday that you will have to be up and away to work ? It must be a lovely thought, tinged with a bit of sadness as well though I have no doubt.. Hope it goes well.
much Love sybil xx

Sonya said...

Hope you have a great week! Are you excited to be "nearing the end" of the work era? Thinking about you and thankful for what your words mean to me in your comments both here and on my own blog page.

grammy said...

So true
life is full of choices
God is good and thanks to him we have

Joyful Days said...

Thanks for starting my week out with such good thoughts. I'm getting my comeuppance with raising my children. Who knew it could be so hard?!

scrappy quilter said...

I totally agree. Hugs

DB said...

I also think it's a great priviledge to give to others and never even get credit or a thank you for it. Sometimes there is no reward but the doing, the choosing.

Thank you for this entry.