It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chapter 4, Page 23, Book 10

It's FANTASTIC Friday!

WOW, what a fast week it was! It seems impossible to believe that I've been retired now for 2 weeks! Last week at this time I was at the camper getting it all set up for the season. Today I'm at home packing for my trip to DS#6's . I'll leave Sunday evening and stay the week there watching their little son while they go off to work. It'll be a fun time for this grand'ma' for sure. DS#6 lives too far away for me to drive back and forth each day so I'll be there till next weekend when I'll come home for a couple days and then go back again.

I always said that I'd love to rock babies for my retirement job. Little did I know I'd really get the chance to do it. Our little Lucky is just about 2 months old now and it'll be a pleasure for me to care for him. Retirement came just in time for me to be able to help them out.

I've managed to get a lot done around home this week. Of course there is still more to be done,. When fall comes and camping season ends I still would like to get my front room and dining room painted. Summer time will be set aside for lots of camping so I won't be home much then either. I'll be back and forth just to make sure things are ok at home. I've decided that if the weather is nice I'll be at my little place in the woods. If it is raining then I'll come home.

I'm trying to decide exactly just what I'll need for 5 days away from home. I don't want to take too much. As little babes sleep a lot I know I'll need to take a book or two to read. And I have my crocheting project that I started last summer to finish up so I'll take that along to do in my spare time.

My laptop and my camera are on the list too. It's so nice to know that wherever I go I can be connected to the internet.

Sending you blessings and a prayer for a FANTASTIC Friday!

'On Ya' -ma


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Good Morning MA! I hope you have fun with your new baby!! I'm so happy that you will be taking your computer! Keep us posted!!
Hugs and Blessings~Sharon

peggy said...

those are the best days, there's nothing like that feeling! And you'll get some book and crochet time as well. Have a nice weekend! The sun is beautiful in Michigan.

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a wonderful week you have planned Ma, with spending time with your son and daughter-in-law and little Lucky :) and it is neat that you can help them like this. And I like the fact you'll be spending lots of time camping in the months ahead too! I can imagine it will be restful and peaceful enjoying that time with friends and family there :)

glad the computer is coming along too on your adventures in watching your little grandson


Sybil said...

Hi Ma, you will have such a wonderful week next week...I am almost jealous..I just love wee babies...
Hope that the weather remais nice and sunny and warm for you. Looking forward to seeing lots of photo's.
Love Sybil xx

Lori J said...

Dearest Friend,
I am SO happy to hear that you have been able to retire.
it will amase you how busy a person can be in retirement.
Today we are on the by-pass road up to Phoenix to visit an older cousin who lives in Fountain Valley. It will be a nice get-together as we have not seen Margie since 1992...
We had a VERY cold day yesterday and although a bit warmer today it is good travelling weather...

I am still under the weather and have promised my ER daughter I will go see the Dr. when we come home and before we leave for Taqmpa.
I am sure it is my bowels that are acting up but I was in desperate pain last night. I confess there is a certain concern it might be very serious....
Anyway will you have a blessed weekend...
Love and hugs

ALBERTA Lori (last week in Tucson prior to leaving for Tampa May 1)

Thank-you Pam for reading my ramblings o the journal. I almsot thought I would discontinue.


Lori said...

How much fun, getting to spend time with that precious little one.
I can't wait until my first grandchild gets here. Sounds like you are enjoying retirement?
Take care, Cassie

Ally Lifewithally said...

What a wonderful week you have planned ~ enjoy every minute ~ Ally x

grammy said...

have a wonderful time
I would love to be holding a tiny one
my youngest GD is almost three
I am sure you will have a great great time (o:

Angie said...

If I was a little child I would love to have you for a Grandma. This whole blog of yours is going to be a wonderful read for them in years to come.