It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chapter 4, Page 16, Book 10


The day I've long awaited has finally arrived. Ever since I closed up camp in late October I've been waiting to be able to return to the place I call my little place in the woods. I love it there and love being with some of my family as my oldest son and his family and my daughter and her hubby camp right next door to me.

The dreary winter days have passed once more and I'll be camping as much as I can till the end of October comes . To say that I am camping is not like many people imagine it at all. We all have camper trailers that have everything our homes have. Running water (hot and cold) heat, air conditioning, comfy beds, stoves, microwaves and TV's too. We have satellite hook up so we can view our TV's too.

The only difference is that we are out and away from the busyness of life and are on almost the top of a hill in the woods. The campground is huge but our little place is more secluded than most. Long before we began camping there the place was known as Party Hill and we've kept the name as we do tend to party a lot. We love being there and enjoy each other's company.

My place is smaller than my children's as there is just me, but it does have the capability to sleep more so if some of my other children want to come for a visit there is room for them. DS#6 and his wife have also purchased a camper so they'll be coming in some weekends too. They are not moving into the campground permanently just yet as he does many jobs during the summer that require using their camper when they travel.

Today will be a lot of work. Packing up my car and then unpacking it all when I get there and then cleaning up the campsite and camper too. The rest of the weekend should be enjoyable though as it will be mostly done in one day

I'm so hoping that the little field mice didn't decide to set up home in my camper. If they did it will make for a lot more cleaning.

I'll be taking loads of pictures, but since I got my new laptop I've not discovered how to load them into blogger. Everything is different but I'll figure it out. When I go to stay at DS#5's next week he will help me. Thank goodness for my family I'd be lost without them.

I do hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

'On Ya' - ma


Hollie said...

I know you are excited to be back in the woods! I know I would be also. Enjoy!

Cindi said...

ooooo I've been waiting for fantastic Fri too! Can't wait for the pics and all the excitement...Have fun!

LYN said...


Buttercup said...

Have a fabulous, field mice-less time! I'm off to Maryland to for a blog get-together.

Rose said...

Glad you are back in your camper where you find such great pleasure!

Enjoy your summer!

Hugs, Rose

Angie said...

And I hope you're having a .....well now, I can hardly say a good friday as somebody already cornered the market on that expression ........ great first-day-of-the-weekend! One whole week you've been retired. Just think, last week at this time........!

love, Angie, xx

Sybil said...

I well know how you feel Ma when I worked in Bath Mum and I bought a static caravan on a lovely quie site on the coast in Wales. It took us about 2hrs to drive there and we did it every week...I usually worked weekends so as soon as Monday came we were off...Oh the delightful times we had there...when we moved from Bath my sister took over the caravan and subsequently her daughter...Once we had moved here to Box we are in the country and never felt the need to be dashing away...
Have a wonderful weekend enjoy every if I need to say that LOL
Love Sybil xx

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww Ma, Im excited for ya. I wish I could do just the same! Infact I know my partner and I would both love to do that! We would absolutely love it! Have fun and keep us updated. Really looking forward to photos. Laine xxxx

That corgi :) said...

YEA!!! finally a camping weekend!!! and the nice thing is you can stay longer if you want to! enjoy Ma!!

it does sound like a really nice campsite and I know they do lots of nice things there too, plus being with family is just the best too!



scrappy quilter said...

Friend, have a wonderful time at the campground. Can't wait to see the new pictures. Hugs

Ora said...

I don't know about you...but it makes me almost giddy just reading about your "camping lot" again and how much you enjoy it all...and you are giving rise to my curiosity about that new computer/laptop you have...just might have to check it out LOL...oh dear...hubby ain't gonna like the sound of that idea at all LOL...have a good time setting things up...and just can stay and go anytime you want...not just friday/sunday!!!! God Bless Ma....hugs from Ora in KY

Kathy said...

Finally, some decent weather so you can go to the campground and "Partay" Enjoy your time there knowing this time you don't have to pack up on Sunday and go home to get ready for work on Monday. Ah, retirement is so nice.