It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chapter 2, Page 9, Book 10


Yesterday I was asked if I was counting down the days until my retirement. As a matter of fact I am. I keep track of the days on my other blog…ON THE BRIGHTSIDE, but if you don’t read that you wouldn’t know so I’ll tell you as of today I have 51 days left until retirement.

My last day of work was supposed to be March 31st, but the boss asked me to stay on a week longer as he’ll be on vacation and felt better if I stayed till he got back.

Hopefully he’ll be hiring someone by March 1st for me to train. My duties are so varied that I told him it would be nice to have someone there for a month before I leave. As of yet he’s not even started looking for a replacement.

Today is TERRIFIC Tuesday and after today there will only be 8 more Tuesdays that I’ll be going off to work.

Remember good things are coming your way!

It’s Terrific Tuesday today!

‘On Ya’-ma

(If you see pictures here today, they are of the view from my camper deck…April 2009)


Sybil said...

Hi Ma, I to would be counting the days. Better watch out that the boss actually gets you s new reeplacement...He might be thinking if he dosn't bother you will just stay on !! I am typing this whilst Mary and I are away on our 4 day break, It is freezing cold we wentfor a walk this morning or in my case a trundle ! and near back in the warmth of the hotel. going for a drive this afternoon.
love Sybilx

Kath said...

I know too well you are counting the days,as I follow your other blog Ma,and I am counting them with you he-he.Lets hope like Sybil says your boss does look for someone to replace you and quickly too.The campground has so many high trees Ma it almost reminds me of Louisiana.The children look to be playing happyly in the picture.Have a terrific Tuesday safe journeys to work and home.Like Sybil it's freezing here too Brrr.Take Care God Bless.Kath xx

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I was counting the days, too!!....the day i retired and the day we moved to NC were one in the same...!!...what fun!!

Stay warm and enjoy...LindaMay

Kathy said...

How exciting!! I didn't realize you were retiring that soon. You must be so ready to have that day here!!!

peggy said...

I'm with Sybil, before I read her comment I was thinking I would be suspicious of your boss, and I don't even know him. He probably thinks you will change your mind. Or he could be just in denial.

I enjoy your posts! Snowing today in Michigan!

grammy said...

Nice to see where you camper is. I am so use to Rocky Mountain camping that I don't know if I could take somewhere else. Isn't that funny how we get set in our ways. For one thing we have no humidity. It is always cool up there and even cold at the summer too. I told my DH just last week that it would be nice to have somewhere to park the camper and leave it. It cost to much to buy mountain property (and it is all going to Hollywood people and such). Wish my ancestors would have got some land (o:

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Oh! I've got my fingers crossed that the new person works out so you can make your escape!

Buttercup said...

I know I'd be counting the days. As much as I look forward to a change from the job I have -- I've got two years or so to the earliest I can think of retiring -- there are a lot of people I know I will miss. I am counting the weeks to spring and to the opening of the baseball season.

That corgi :) said...

51 days (or 50 probably by the time you read this) will go by so fast! It would be nice though if the boss would start looking for someone for his own sake. Regardless, I know you will retire on the day you and him arranged, but it will make his company run smoother to have someone fully prepared. I bet you are getting so excited just realizing the end is so very near :)

betty said...

Your boss better start looking! I am sure it will be hard for him to find anyone half as good as you are.
I know you will love not having to get up early. All the good tv programs come on late.