It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter 2, Page 28, Book 10


I’m not in the least sorry to see this month end. As you all know this month of SNOW has been tough on a lot of us.

The Good News is that time waits for no one and it does MARCH on.

March will be sure to bring us a little bit of better weather.

March is an in between month,
When wintry winds are high.
But milder days remind us all,
Spring's coming by and b

It’s time to give ourselves that Spring Tune up that we need. The winter months have been long and we begin itching to revive our houses and acquire that freshness that we want to invade us as the first signs of spring arrive.

Just like our houses need sprucing up, it may be that we need it too

one of the biggest areas of struggle for most of us -- removing the junk from our minds. Long kept unforgiveness and bitterness is like old baggage in the attic you just can't seem to part with. You are so familiar with it, you don't even realize how it is hindering your life.

Some of us take life too seriously, or we take ourselves too seriously. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves

Our lives are usually filled with chaos and a whole lot of baggage that weighs us down. Getting rid of the unwanted and nuisance will free us up to experience and accept new and relevant things in our lives.

Spring cleaning your life today for a brighter tomorrow will allow you to experience the wonderful thing the Creator has in store for you.

A little birdie told me that ...spring is
in the air

Usually Sunday here at my house is the day for Renewal and Refreshment, Relaxation and Rest. A day to get ready for a new work week . Today, however is a little different to say the least as I’m expecting my newest grand’babe’ to be born. DS#6 called last night to say they were headed for the hospital. No news yet this morning, but I will be on my way there a little bit later this morning.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers always but especially on Sundays when I take the extra time to walk humbly with my Lord.

‘On Ya’-ma


That corgi :) said...

how exciting with the new grandbaby!! truly a good way to end the month of February! pretty pictures of the snow and great words for us to give ourselves a tuneup and remove those things we might not enjoy carrying around like bitterness,etc.

I know you will enjoy the day, Ma :)


Kath said...

Yes a new Month tomorrow Ma and a new start for me too.I have decided to get rid of the unwanted baggage that is weighing me down in the form of gained weight from the large winter meals I have been eating.With the excess baggage of clothes alone I have had to wear, I should weigh at least a stone less without eating less LOL!!It has given out to be a little milder this week, no snow but with strong winds.By the time you read this 8-30pm approx Sunday evening at my house.I hope your new Grandbaby has arrived and Mum and Baby are doing fine,if so "Congratulations" to everyone.Have a lovely day.Take Care God Bless Kath xx