It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chapter 2, Page 27, Book 10


By William A. Ward

Where there are love and generosity, there is joy.
Where there are sincerity and sacrifice, there is friendship.
Where there are harmony and simplicity, there is beauty.
Where there are prayer and forgiveness, there is peace.
Where there are moderation and patience, there is wisdom.
Where there are conflicts and c
rises, there is opportunity.
Where there are wonder and adventure, there is growth.
Where there are adoration and confession, there is worship.
Where there are compassion and concern, there is God.
Where there are faith and hope, there is spring.

I like to think that once you’ve made it through February, the worst is over and spring is just around the corner. I know it will come again, Spring really is just a few weeks away now. I’ve been counting and it’s 21 days till Spring.

Just for fun I put a couple of bouquets of artificial Daffodils in my flower box on the front porch and now they are all covered with snow. Mountains of snow have appeared everywhere and in most cases they are the old ones that have been there for awhile with some new snow on top.

Soon March will be here and things will start changing in our part of the world. Yes, we do sometimes get our heaviest snows in March, but they are not the lasting kind. The snow melts and little by little we’ll see signs of life returning.

Hang in there every one! It is Super Saturday, the day I try to get things done around my house. I hope your day is a Super one too!

‘On Ya’-ma


Sonya said...

I think it has been a colder winter for every one. The snow is doing its best to cover up the but if I know you, you will shake them off and let them peer out again. lol I saw our daffodils coming out of the ground. Half way up now...

Ally Lifewithally said...

I just loved these words
"Where there is Faith and Hope there is Spring"
~ It is still very cold here but I have noticed the daffodils coming through the hard earth ~ Spring really is on it's way ~ Ally x

Kath said...

Those wonderful cheery daffodils facing me when I opened your post set my heart racing.Oh!! how I love spring flowers artificial or not.Thankyou for sharing the lovely picture on your header it lifted me no end.I hope the snow doesn't get too deep for you.My miniture daffodils in pots are peeping through now.Yes March comes in Monday and we are getting closer to spring by the minute Yippee,I am hanging in there with you.Have a Super Saturday Ma.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Rose said...

Oh my, another storm brewing down here in South Florida. I just pulled down my Hurricane Shutters in my patio for the second time in one week due to strong fierce winds and heavy rains.

I'm looking forward to Spring too. I used to love Florida during the winter time but this is the worst I've ever experienced for the past 20 years that I've been here. I don't remember the last time I went in the pool to exercise. Thank goodness for Silver Sneakers at the gym!

I love your Daffodils!

Hugs, Rose

That corgi :) said...

love your attitude Ma; it really is so close with spring. Monday is March 1st :)

each day little by little it will start changing until warmer weather will be there :)

enjoy your Saturday


Buttercup said...

Thanks! I think I can do 21 days. Just needed to recuperate from my slush experience. I have a back up pair of boots for tomorrow and hopefully the slush will be a little more under control.

Angie said...

Hi Ma! 21 days eh? I wonder if they ought to make this a moveable feast? Mind you, cold and horrid though it is, our Camelia is in glorious bloom and there's lots of buds yet to come out. So if SHE thinks it's time for flowers, it must be.

love, Angie, xx